Reality TV roundup

There were a few reality shows on that intrigued me with their premises but I could not bring myself to watch. Even though I try not to judge a book by it’s cover, I thought I knew how these shows would go. But now I’m curious.

Was Beauty and the Geek a humilation-a-thon? Did Bobby Brown act stupidly ghetto? Was the designer show exactly like the clothes designer show on Bravo or more like The Apprentice.
All I need is for somebody to admit they watched and to tell me if I am right or not.

Sorry. I can’t watch any of it.

Just give me an old rerun of Get Smart or something…

Much to my surprise, the reality show that I enjoyed the most was “Amish in the City.” I had expected that the show would be based upon mockery directed at the Amish kids, but most of the time when there were any clashes, it was the city kids who ended up looking bad. I became very attached to a young Amish fellow named Mose, and found myself wondering what became of him after the show.

The Cut – the Tommy Hilfiger cross between The Apprentice and that show on Bravo – is really good, I’m really enjoying it. It’s on tonight, and we’re only a few weeks in – not too late to check it out. Interesting tasks, interesting personalities, a bunch of ways they’ve made it different from either of the inspiration shows. I’m astonished my fellow reality junkies haven’t jumped on this bandwagon.

Beauty and the Geek – saw it once while I was watching TV on IM with Rysler (she watched The Cut with me, it was only fair) – she says it was good; the ep I saw was about 3/4 of the way through, I couldn’t tell. One of the remaining geeks was so obnoxious I couldn’t get past it.

The Hilton show is pretty bad, but I’m still watching. Dancing with the Stars was excellent, up until last night’s finale, which was a freakin’ travesty (see the thread for further details).

twicks, not-so-secret reality junkie

Beauty and the Geek was sooooooo good. You would have loved it. Yes, one geek (Richard) was obnoxious, but the good guy (Chuck) prevailed. I think all the contestants came away with something that made them understand “the other side” better.

The best words I can think of to describe Beauty and the Geek are “surprisingly sweet.” Chuck and Caitilin, the winners, were bound and determined that everybody, especially Richard, get something of value out of this experience and it seemed to have worked. And I thought the final quiz, where each was asked personal questions about their partners, was, uh, sweet.

OTOH, I’d think that a future neurologist like Chuck would have more tolerance and understanding for somebody (Richard) who was manifesting so many symptoms of Aspberger’s Syndrome. We’ll find out next week when they answer the burning question, “Is Richard for real?”

The BBC has just started the second series of one I’ll shamefacedly admit to enjoying, Bank of Mum & Dad. The premise is that the producers find a young adult whose finances are screwed up, and a parent or the parents of said young adult then move in for a week and exert total control over their feckless offspring’s financial life.

The best moment in each installation, IMHO, comes when the parent/parents and the kid exchange sealed envelopes. The parental envelope contains an estimate of how much the kid owes, and the kid’s envelope contains the actual amount. For example, the first episode of the new series, broadcast a couple of nights ago, featured a mother who was horrified to find out her daughter was in debt to the tune of £29,000, compared with the mother’s estimate of £9,000. (It turned out to be more like £33,000 once the show’s financial expert had come to grips with the daughter’s paperwork.) The kid was earning £1,000 a month after taxes, IIRC, and spending about £1,800 a month.