Really?? Fuck you period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my fucking time of month, and my boyfriend and I made ‘special’ plans tomarrow night if u knoow wat I k

He’ll understand your hatred for ending sentences properly.

What are you talking about question mark?

There are, um, alternatives…


I don’t knoow wat u k period Please explain comma I’m very curious period

Call me Dracula! :slight_smile:

Unless you’re in too much pain, just drive on. It’s not some weird toxic chemical. :confused:

Just because the roller coaster is broken doesn’t mean the whole amusement park shuts down.

The log ride still works*

*Thank you Ron white.

Awesome name/post combo.

You were both going to sing the less famous Christmas song, do u knoow wat I k?

Just lie next to each other and moan.

You know, aural sex.

Shuffleboard at the Legion Hall?

Sooo. . .your gyne said no sex? Quick, call your dentist!!

“hotblonde18” ? Seriously ?

Why, you interested? if u knoow wat I k…

I can’t even imagine how flooded her PM box is right now with messages from lonely Dopers. Also, how flooded her other box is with sloughed tissue.

Well, your* mouth *ain’t bleeding, is it?

I do like that there aren’t any periods in her post.

Is this your first period? :confused: I’m a (rather clueless) guy, so I’m not sure about these things but don’t most women know when to expect their, um, flow to begin??

That depends on whether she also needs to know how babby is formed.