Really Stupid Threads

I cut off my hand: Should I see a doctor?

How do I turn off my computer?

Does marijuana really make you high, or is it all suggestion?

Should Vibrators be Banned?

If the South won the Civil War, would there still be Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Do My Homework For Me.

My cat really likes tuna.

My Motherfucking Boss fired me for calling him a Motherfucker.

Um, shouldn’t that be:

i kut m hnd of-shud i cadktyr?


How about…

Oh shit-maybe I shouldn’t have baked a pan of kitty litter in the oven!

How do I start a topic?

“Okay, guys. Here’s the deal. Nobody post in this thread. It’ll be the emptiest thread on the entire board. Maybe we’ll even set some kind of record.”

What does this button do?

How about, in honor of a present thread…

The Funniest Jokes You Don’t Know…

“Hey, there are a bunch of other threads about X. What’s the deal with X, anyway?”

“Teach Me How To Use A Keyboard”

"What’s with those 1920’s -style death rays anyhow?"

Does a duck’s quack echo?

Predict the previous poster

I have 12 other usernames. Can you guess them all?

**Fag jokes and lots of them

In defence of pedophilia

The appreciation thread

H3LO9 F@G07Z M3=L337 H@><0R

What does SDMB stand for?**

I have nothing against (black people, gays, conservatives, liberals, pick a group) but…

If a duck quacks but no one is around to hear it does it still echo?

Please don’t even read this thread; much less reply. I want to have the only thread to die with no action whatsoever.

(Getting all this in the title is the only real issue)

My cat just <blankety blank>!

Pictures of my cat!

How much do you love your cat??


and anything similar

Never mind me, I’m just posting this to see what kind of replies I’ll get


Og commands all your 1920’s burning dogs’ to bring back pie and bases that belong to us

Verses vs. Vs

How do I post?

Medical advice: My leg has gone green and fell off, should I see a doctor?

I have a great big pimple on my butt.

Is sex bad for you?

Would anyone besides me want to visit an old Roman vomitorium?

I can fit my wedding ring up my nose

It was? Oh sorry.

This ones pretty stupid!