Reasons why I'm no longer engaged

Yes, it’s true. I’m am not engaged anymore. Haven’t been for a few weeks now. This is not to evoke sympathy, so everyone can hold onto your “Hope things work out for you” and “Stay strong” posts. It’s not that they wouldn’t be appreciated, just not necessary. I just figured it’s time to come out and say it and maybe give a few reasons. It wasn’t one big falling out, but a bunch of little things why it happened.

  1. She would whine endlessly about little things. So what if her panties are a little stretched out? It’s not like I wore them ALL the time, just weekends when I wanted to feel pretty.

  2. She couldn’t let things go. I did NOT do that with her cat, regardless of what it looked like.

  3. She didn’t want to try new things in bed. I’m pretty adventurous and once we decided to try anal sex. Then we had to stop because she complained how it hurt and it was too painful, etc. It turns out the strap-on she was wearing was chafing the inside of her thigh or something.

  4. She used to answer the phone during sex. I HATED that. I finally had to tell her if she did it one more time, I’m gonna stop calling.
    Anyway, that’s all I can think of for now. I’ll be back when I can think of some more reasons. BTW for those of you who take me seriously - the first paragraph is true, the list following it is not, that’s just there to add some levity to the situation.

So, when are we going out? :smiley:

I admit I did wonder when you didn’t get a shoe thrown at you last night.

Been there, done that, so I won’t make any of the trite phrases. Just this:

:: hug ::

Fuck! Nym beat me to it… :frowning:

Well, okay, no sympathy/support replies, huh? I’ll just say that number 1 on your list cracked me up, then, okay? Oh, and I’m glad you have a sense of humor about somthing that must be rather painful. (That’s not sympathy/support is it?)

When can we go out? How soon can you make it to St Louis? :wink:

You know, if you start driving now, you can get here right about the time I get off work…

If you start driving now, you can make it HERE in time for last call. :smiley:

Considering my Jeep is still MIA, me driving would involve a little grand theft larceny. I dig you, Froggy, but a girl has her limits.

And maybe I can make it back to work in time tomorrow to sweet talk my boss and MAYBE not get fired. We’ll have to wait for the Springfield DopeFest I guess. :frowning:

Oh, sure. Like you NEVER get a couple of days off. Feh. Who says I’m even showing up now? I might just leave you to Falcon.

And she’s not NEARLY as nice as I am!

Technically, it’s not sympathy/support, but you’re close.

You better watch you ass!

Actually I have a 4 day weekend starting this Friday…
Might wanna watch your flirting before someone takes you seriously. :smiley:

:eek: Damn, and I tried so hard! Sorry, you’re asking me to completely go against my nature! Oh, and I can always find someone to watch my ass for me! :wink:

You know DAMN good and well that I take my flirting COMPLETELY seriously. You might wanna watch it yourself there, buddy. Don’t tease before your brain catches up to your…<ahem>…well, you know. “Post.”

Ok, Nymmy, since you are my virtual wife and all, I promise the next 4 day weekend (I work 10 days and then get 4 off, so it’s not uncommon) when I have some extra cash, as much as I hate long drives, I’ll make a road trip to Chicago. But couldn’t I just send you money for a plane ticket? I really hate driving long distances like that. We’ll get another DopeFest together and I’ll pay for your plane fair down. How much can it cost from Chicago to St Louis anyway?

Sounds fair to me, baby. I miss St. Louis, anyway. Haven’t been back in ages. You wanna fly me there, hell, you wanna get me a TRAIN ticket there, I’m game. As a matter of fact, it looks like one of my favorite bands is playing at one of my favorite bars (Hotel Faux Pas at the Famous Bar) on Saturday, 03/03.

Wanna call it a date?

:insert Nym wriggling her eyebrows in a lewd manner here:

I’m not sure if I’ll be off on that day, but I do have some vacation days I can use. At a quick glance though, it looks like that is one of my 4 day weekends. Want to plan a DopeFest as long as you’ll be in town? I’ll look into plane fare. (I live closer to the airport than the train stations.)

Sure thing, babe. Let’s DopeFest! As long as I make it to the Famous on Saturday, the rest of my time is free.

You’re the second man offering to fly me to parts unknown. Is it my perfume?

Awwww…did I lose you, Froggy. It doesn’t mean that you’re not special! Much the same way I share your heart with every pretty face on this board. :smiley:

I am at work you know. Sometimes I do actually have to, well, work here.

Besides, I couldn’t think of anything charming or witty to say. We’ll have to email each other to work out the details: how long you’re gonna stay, where you’re gonna stay, do I send you the money for tickets or just send the tickets, etc…

I was going to bring you a couple of beers but it looks like you two need the bucket of ice water more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, congrats on your disengagement!! Life is too short to not be happy.

Carry on…