Rejected Straight Dope Slogans and or Forum Descriptions

Found deep in the files of the Straight Dope thinktank…rejected advertising slogans, mottos and forum descriptions…what have you found under the dust???

The Straight Dope -The -gry is for savings!

Great Debates-Is it worse than Nazis?

MPSIMS-Poop, Pee and Penii…discussed at length

The BBQ PIT: - Welcome to the British Parlaiment On-Line!

(Someone actually suggested this a while back)

New forum: Ask the (blank)!

Doper Love Shack: Post your personal ad, and you too can join the thousands of Dopers who’ve hooked up!

Given the small-but-frequent number of Doper weddings we’ve had, this might actually work.

The BBQ Pit - You may not have done it on purpose, but sistah, you’ll pay for it anyway.

The Skin Disease Gallery

Post jpegs of your current acne, psoriasis or canker sores.

The Strait Doap: Fiteing Ignoreanse cince 1973 . . . (Its takeing longar then we thot).

The Intact Foreskin Lunch Bunch

As moderated by Coldfire!

Then there was the rejected forum:

The Staight Poop, moderated by lieu

The Straight Dope- Where HIJACK! Isn’t a dirty word

TMI - Post your stories of bizarre illnesses, injuries and strange bodily growths here. Also the place to report your recent sexual activity.

**The Straight Dope: Our mods can kick your mod’s ass. (well except for the prissy Uke fella) **

IMHO – actually, my opinion isn’t particularly humble, nor am I humble about it. Your opinion, on the other hand, is VERY humble. So humble, in fact, that it matters not at all. Have a nice day.

Cafe Society – The place for discussions of Kirk v. Picard, Enterprise v. Star Destroyer and other battles between fictional figures. Also, reality TV.

The Lawn Chair Forum: Pull up your lawn chair by all means. Lawns will be provided. Finished enjoying the sun ? Good. You may go back to posting in the pit.

General Questions – Everything you’ve always wanted to know about military leaders

General Answers – vague tips about questions you didn’t ask. Pay off your high interest debt first!

Gry debates – how come this word is not allowed in Internet scrabble?

Calf Society – a broad discussion of foot fetishes and bovine alike

In My Honest Opinion – y’all suck, man

Sharing Particularly Mundane Points Here, Even Though Many Threads In Many Forums Are Pretty Mundane Too (SPMPHETMTIMFAPM2) – how to tell if you have too much free time on your hands

Bitch, Piss and Moan – Original name for the above forum.

About This Message Board - Move along…nothing to see here.

Cafe Society: All Other Literature: Believe it or not folks, there are other writers besides JRR Tolkein.

Evolution vs. Creationism : You’re wrong. No, you’re wrong. No, you’re wrong. No, you’re wrong…