Remembering 'Gotcha Ya'

Yes! That’s it. Nice going both of you. What a character that guy was, and shit.

“When come back, bring pie” was from the flash animation series Weebl and bob and was all over the internet.

Thanks I was trying to remember the name of the series but as usual my memory is total crap at unprompted recall.

But one SDMB thang which has grown up and left home is Gaudere’s Law.

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I remember back in the day when there used to be a Dope-fest somewhere in the world nearly every weekend. The one that Coldfire organized in Amsterdam was really good.


A tribute, I assume, to the “I burning your dog” thread.

Can anyone remember the thread in which a doper canonized all comers? Who was it?

I recall being granted the title: St. QuickSilver - a mercurial fellow; patron saint of thermometers.

Is that a leg?

Ah, Wildest Bill. He of Gotcha ya! and Mexican fat burners fame. What a guy.

Bless us, St. QuickSilver: Patron Saint of 100 post anniversaries. Conversely, Patron Saint of Thermometers.

Manny Peoples, aka @ZSPhobiaSZ. I see he dropped the idiosyncratic “manny” at some point between departing AOL and finding us on vB.

Thanks! I wonder if @SwimmingRiddles is still around.

Velma’s Cooler of Death and Auntie Em’s Missing Co-worker. I love tune-in-tomorrow threads!

JDT and the “tugahoy” effect…

There was somebody who posted hilarious rants under the name Nostradamus. He didn’t stick around for very long. I think his threads were lost in one of the board disasters.

Creamed cheese!

That thread is continued on another thread, but the link is broken! I’ll never find out what happened to the missing co-worker now! Does anyone remember what happened?

Not just “Mexican fat burners.” They were “Miracle Mexican Fat Burners.”

Try here for the next thrilling installment.

I still have a soft spot for

Although TBH I only got about 2/3 of it.