Republican Debate 2/6/16

Anybody watching?

Boy, Christie is hitting Rubio hard.

Rubio sounds awful so far.

Christie eviscerated him. Bonus points to Christie for hitting a candidate on being a creature of his staff. Politicians usually refrain from doing that, but the real deals really should make the voting public more aware of just how bad most of these guys would look if not for their handlers. Give Marco Rubio Ben Carson’s staff and Marco Rubio would sound like, well, Ben Carson.

Debate moments rarely change my vote, but Christie just went from “I’d vote for him as a second choice” to “If I was in New Hampshire he probably won my vote”.

Trump getting some heavy booing.

I’m sort of surprised that Trump is getting booed so much. Ben Carson is such a whiner.

Interesting to see if Trump recovers after the break.

Rubio is blowing it tonight.

He needs a bottle of water…

Hard to say he’s blowing it when this is basically where he’s at right now in his political career. He’s not ready for this anymore than he was ready for his SOTU response. He’s a heckuva a talent, but should have served a Senate term then run for governor of Florida and done two terms there before running for President. Or perhaps serve as VP for eight years.

Christie, Kasich, and Bush, the other mainstream candidates, are all ready to be President on Day 1. Kasich is smart to let Bush and Christie bring Rubio down, too, because the guy above the fray often wins support when candidates are tearing each other down.

And now Bush finally scores big on Trump on the eminent domain issue. Go governors! Governors rule!

I wish someone would ask Rubio whether Obama knows what he’s doing.

Is it just me, or is Trump a lot like Baghdad Bob?

geez, wasn’t George Stephanopolous basically a kid like yesterday?

Brain surgeon doesn’t know how to pronounce escape.

Second time was bizarre, third time was WTF? Later ones were thankfully only some of the spiel. Maybe he can repeat in his closing statement. :smiley:

The intros were pretty strange too, Donald didn’t get enough applause to come out, waiting for more. Brain surgeon was just confused, and everyone just forgot about Kasich?

The candidates backstage couldn’t hear their names being called because of the applause, hence the confusion over who was supposed to go on stage next.

The introductions and entrances couldn’t have been more awkward.

I can’t believe Rubio repeated his prepared “Obama knows exactly what he is doing” speech right after Christie called him on constantly repeating his prepared 30-second talking points. i love that Christie rattled him so early.

Rubio should get out of politics and become a mega-church pastor. He could make a shit-ton of money.

Carson is such a sad sack. Every time he talks, he has to waste time pointing out how little time he’s had to talk.

I’m not sure what all Kasich has to offer, but if nothing else at least he comes across as being reasonable and thoughtful.

Not a Trump crowd at all.

Cruz always dodges tough questions.

The moderator gave that explanation but the applause did not seem very loud to me, here at home, I know. thought it would be much louder for Trump and I was surprised it seemed so tepid.

Glad they took the right position on women signing up for the draft. It’s 2016, it’s time for women to register.

I also wonder how they plan to rebuild the military without tax increases. Whenever they start talking about that, it’s like, “Oh boy, here we go again. Massive deficits.”

I got the bizarre impression that Trump felt sorry for Carson, and waited behind the curtain with him so Carson didn’t look like a total moron. He let Rubio and Bush bounce past them to take their places.

No one surpasses me in my loathing for Trump and I have never thought of him as particularly empathetic, so I’m surprised I had this reaction.