Resolved: Oreo filling should be white. Period.

An Oreo’s filling should not be red. Or green. Or orange. Or any other color that coincides with a holiday. It’s just not natural. It’s an abomination against everything that is good and right. It’s an insult to its “lardy” goodness. Damn it! Why mess with a good thing.

Whew! Glad I got that off my chest.

Oh yeah…and Oreos are perfect after nookie, instead of a smoke. Note, however, that they are best consumed after sex, and not during.

Oreos with GREEN filling??? <sound of vomiting>

Leave our childhood favorite cookies alone! When will food companies realize that their products will not become more popular if they are dyed an ungodly color?

I’m not going to make jokes about the creamy filling. Oh no.

Green-filled Oreos are an abomination. And the red ones look like blood clots.

(But I thought the springtime blue I saw a while back was pretty!)

Mmmmmm, colored Oreos. Love 'em! Especially the Halloween orange ones. They are a delicacy that I love and enjoy as often as my gym visits allow.

Love the Easter blue ones, too.


Thank God, I thought I was the only one. Why do companies think that coloring the cookies is gonna make them more popular? Hell, why do companies think that Oreos have to BE more popular? Just leave em alone, already!

Hmmmmmm…“coloring the cookies”. There’s a phrase that begs a double meaning.

My 6 year old son informed me that the green ones “Taste like the Grinch…”. :eek:

FTR, I’m just damned happy when I manage to get some of the oreos. I don’t care what color the innards are.

oreos should be filled with what? a white period?


wait… I get it now
:::::running out door, into waiting vehicle and driving away very very quickly::::::

The blue ones are pretty, IMHO.

The red & green ones look weird. I know, they taste the same. But they just look, oh, I don’t know, just wrong, I guess.

Regarding eating Oreos & sex: licking the cream filling from an Oreo, if done properly, can be excellent foreplay. :smiley:

::conjures up mental image::



I guess you’re right.

Crumbs in bed vs. ashes in bed.
At least Oreos won’t set the house on fire.

::throws out cigarettes, gets bag of Oreos for nightstand::
[I don’t smoke, but just maybe if I leave a different bait…]

I have the same problem, only with those pastel colored easter-issue M&M’s. Sure they taste the same, but for some wierd reason the pastel color puts me off.

I think it’s because as a kid at christmas my grandmother used to bring me plastic candy canes filled with weird, cheap, fake wannabe M&M’s.


They were paler than real M&M’s and were awful.

I think I ate 'em anyway though…

Yeah, I agree. Red orange and green are icky. This pretty blue they had a whie back was actually neat though. I never like the colored ones because they only come in double stuff and I like the chocolate cookies better than the cream filling.

And the award for “The Weirdest Thing I’ve Read Today On the SDMB” goes to…hypergirl! :wink:

IMHO Oreo’s themselves are an abomination. Everybody knows that only Hydrox (now Droxies) are the superior chocolate sandwich cookie, and they don’t come in funky colors.

And, oh yeah, Hydrox never used to have lard in them.

Sorry to break this to you, but Hydrox suck.
Hydroxes suck?
Hydri suck?

Ah, you know what I mean.

Mmmmmmmm…lard filled cookies…

I completely agree! What is up with these Halloween cookies? They WOULD be nice…if one was on acid. And these green things? Grinch cookies? Um, NO. Oreos are oreos, stop making them commercial…

I wouldn’t mind so much but…


The dyes have a flavor, kind of bitter. It does not mix well with the chocolate cookie, and is simply nasty on its own. So the entire Oreo experience is ruined.

Thank goodness you can pretty much always get normal ones.


BTW, didn’t they have ones that turned your milk blue swirls?

I LOVE dunking oreos in milk, whatever color they are.

On the other hand…I live in Pittsburgh, as most of you know. The home of Heinz Ketchup and 57 varieties. And let me tell you, that green ketchup is selling like gangbusters.
It is IMMENSELY popular.


i love the green ketchup! it’s so exciting. “uh-oh. did i REALLY put green ketchup on my french fries, or did i accidentally grab the bottle of green tabasco sauce? no way to find out but [sound of delicious chewing] aaahhh!! it WAS green tabasco sauce! no…wait…it was ketchup.”

as soon as they come out with purple mustard and blue mayonaisse i’ll be all set.