Resolved: The Black dude who sings in various styles (including swedish rap) is .....

deserved of a good whacking.

i should really preview my posts. This is the guy in the McDonald’s commercial.

Get along, KidCharlemagne. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I have no idea who you are talking about. Link? Or something?)

Why, he’s talking about Wayne Brady (or as he’s lovingly known by me, Singing Dancing Black Man) of Whose Line is it Anyway? fame!

“Yumpin’ yiminy, voodis gut…”

And he’s deserving of a whacking because . . . ?

I didn’t know him as the guy from Whose Line, but he is so annoying in that commercial. It’s just not funny.

:shrug: Okeedoke. (Although I’d argue that it’s the writers and producers of the commercial who are much more deserving of the aforementioned whacking.)

Wayne Brady is very talented. His ability to make up and perform songs on the spot that is lyrically better than 99% of the new music out today is extraordinary. He is very dead on with almost all the musical genres he does. He does, however, need better producers and directors to help him focus and be a sharper performer, as he does sometimes go all over the place.