Ridges on top of head?

I was bored and looking at the Georgia Department of Corrections website when I came across this inmate’s picture:


What would cause such pronounced ridges on the top of a person’s head like that?

The link just got me to the GDC main page. But my mother used to tell me of a boy she knew who had a head like a peanut. Evidently the delivering doctor bore down a little too hard with the forceps. Infants skulls are extremely malleable.

Ditto to Pelna on the main page. In addition to birth defects, you can get cosmetic implants to perfect your Klingon costume or any other sort of ridge-headed wonder.

I also cannot see the picture. Maybe host it somewhere else?

The brother of a friend was born with a triangular head due to a forceps delivery and an over enthusiastic doctor. It sorta squished back into shape.

I have a groove down the side of my head for no known reason. Its mostly just the way the bones of the head have shaped themselves. When a child is born there are several skullplates which fuse into a solid whole as the child ages and its head stops growing.

daHubby has a grooved place on the back of his head where the doctor clamped down too hard with the forceps while delivering him. He told daHubby’s mom that it would smooth out as he got older but that never happened.

I have a dent on the back of my head from when my mom dropped me as an infant. She was sick and passed out, so I don’t blame her. At least it didn’t seem to affect my brain at all…


I have grooves permanently gouged in my skull from wearing glasses since the third grade.

Well I can’t find the guy’s picture because I don’t remember his name but these “ridges” which actually looked like a lot of wrinkles or something but they looked to be very deep were on the top, rear part of his head. I mean the guy’s skin on that portion of his head looked like a shar pei and that isn’t an exaggeration but I can’t find any other picture of people who have it.

My son has a big ridge on his head. No forceps used in delivery. I thought it would smooth out as he got older but he’s 8 now. His doctor has never remarked upon it, but I’ll be following this thread with interest.

Did it sort of look like actor/football player Terry Crewes’ head? I’ve always found his head to be quite lumpy/ridgey.

It was way more severe and pronounced than that and also on a black male.

A high school friend of mine had ridges on the top of her head, sort of like a lumpy wave. She said it was from her grandmother always turning her onto her back when she was a baby. Seems like it was just the skull fusing in an unusual way.

NBA player Shane Battier has some head ridges going on. Can’t find a good picture, though.

Ok it took a while but I found the guy again, go to the link I gave, click offender search and search for Majors, Darius.

Wow, Terry Crewes is one very tanned and very unattractive, bald goateed, white woman!

CMC fnord!

I’ve got a sort of a ring depression in the back of my head, always had it. When I got my buzz cut in boot camp I was henceforce known as Dent in the Head. Good times

Here’s the picture.

Yeah, Shane Battier has ridges like that, though less pronounced. No idea what causes it.

Battier’s ridges aren’t THAT pronounced (you can sort of see them through his hair here. But maybe the crappy lighting in the prison picture is exaggerating them.

Unless the prisoner has some scarring or something.

Holy crap. Did that guy get arrested when his ship attacked the Enterprise?

Honk! I was gonna post something about him being an alien, but your response made me snort and wheeze at the same time. Very funny!