Ridiculous Safewords

Everyone knows that to have a kinky but safe time while knocking boots, you and your partner(s) should have a word that is not normally uttered in conversation that will put an immediate halt to said activities.
What is the most outlandish, ridiculous, or weirdest safeword that you have used or desired to have used?
Though I haven’t had the chance to use any of mine, I’ve got a couple in mind:
Any esoteric country name, like “That hurts! Rhodesia!”
Scientific latin names, “Leucocoprinus!”


It’s a silly made up word from one of Adam Sandler’s movies, (Big Daddy maybe??,) and I always think to myself that it would make a good safeword.

I’m convinced that somewhere out there is someone who is such a masochist that their safe word is “harder.”

Safe Words? We’re too vanilla. Whenever I wanted my partner to stop doing something the safeword (not agreed upon in advance) was something like


If I had to choose ridiculous safewords, though, here’s a possible list:


Damnit, three posts into the thread and someone has already used my joke.

::stomps off, sulking::

Aw, come back and play! Would it make you feel better if I suggested the word Giraffe as a ridiculous safeword.

Imagine it… women everywhere screaming your name in order to stop the pain. :smiley:

“my dad’s home!”

Never had an occasion remotely requiring one. Hell, even the suggestion that we should pick one would get me fired up at the thought of what we were in store for.

A safe word based on a Smothers Brothers song?
You’re one sick dude.

“The sixth sheik’s sixth sheep is sick.”

And you have to say it right or it doesn’t count.

Prehensile Rectum.

Stops any shit going on stone cold fast.

I’ve always gone with the simple and practical safeword of “Safeword.”


I’ve always thought “res ipsa loquitor” would make a fine safeword. (Well, safe-phrase).

Probably just as well I’m not into kink.

Hahaha. Google Translate says that’s Dutch for “Children’s Carnival Parade Committee members Preparatory work” - is that right?



Julie Andrews!


‘Oh no, it sounds like the dog needs to be let out.’