RIP Jan Hooks

TMZ just reported her death at age 57. Loved the Sweeney Sisters.

Too many funny people gone from the world recently.

:frowning: Me too. The Sweeney Sisters is my all-time favorite recurring SNL sketch, and that’s saying something.

RIP Jan.

Damn! It was she who taught me that there is no basement at the Alamo! :frowning:


Very sad. Her era of SNL was the comedy I grew up with. I remember it very fondly.

Well buenos dias!


Real ma-ture!

She was 57? Damn, she looked good for her age. Except for the being dead part.

What happens in the trailer Stays in the trailer. :eek:

There are a bunch of SNL clips on Yahoo Screen. I recently saw one she was in called “Jew Jeans” that had me rolling. RIP. :frowning:

I believe Phil Hartman and her were close. Both gone.

She was underrated during a very good time on SNL. I thought she was hilarious.

the early Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon.

Any cause of death reported yet? I’m fearing suicide or accidental overdose. She looked kind of rough in recent years.

I thought I read “long illness”.

I loved her. I never understood why she didn’t have a bigger career.

She did a sketch called “Miss Self Esteem” in which her character is a talentless drama queen who performs a scene from Ibsen as the talent portion of a pageant. It was one of the funniest things ever on SNL. The sketch wasn’t that funny because it had Victoria Jackson in it (Hooks LOATHED her- another reason to like Hooks) but those few seconds were perfection. Wish I could find a video.

Melanie Griffith hosted, and was the third contestant. It was great. Actually, it was pretty good use of Victoria Jackson as the woman with no self-esteem who entered because her boyfriend told her to.

Jewess jeans was Gilda Radner. :confused:

Here are six hours of her sketches.

The very first one, Brenda The Waitress with Alec Baldwin, is my very favorite.

Nothing officially released as a cause, but some stories attribute her death to a non-specific illness (and no details as to if it was a long/sudden/whatever). She obviously wasn’t known to be sick ahead of this.

I was fortunate enough to see her onstage in A.R. Gurney’s “Sylvia” in the mid-90s. She played the role brilliantly, she was wonderful onstage. She’s really someone who should have always been booking much more work than she did.
“Love Is a Dream” was popularly used as a tribute when Phil Hartman died. I believe it is fitting to also use it as a tribute to Jan Hooks.

I still remember her from the old Bill Tush Show on WTBS here in Atlanta:

Jan Hooks as Tammy Jean in an early appearance.

Reportedly the Bill Tush show got cancelled because Ted Turner didn’t “get it.”