Rock Star: 7/18

It’s interesting how much a week can change your opinions about the performers. I hated Dilada last week (I think the tongue thing is cheesy and gross) but I thought she was far and away the best tonight. She’s kind of a cross between Stevie Nicks and Rob Zombie. She has a ton of presence and a strong voice.

I sort of liked Storm last week but all her mugging tonight just turned me right off.

I thought Toby was the best last week but he was just ok tonight.

Lukas is probably a strong contender. He’s probably the closest to what the band has in mind as far as image and demeanor but he’s not really that strong on pure vocals.

I liked seeing Jason jam with the band but I wish he’d chosen something harder than “White Rabbit.”

Can Tommy lee ever think of anything more original to say than how much he wants to fuck all the female contestants? His comments to Dilana just came off as immature and demeaning and irrelevant. My regard for Tommy Lee was pretty low to begin with and it’s only gotten lower. I’d actually feel kind of bad for Dilana if she got the gig and then had to deal with a bunch of harrassing come-ons from that leering cretin all the time.

I also wish a lot of the women in general would quit trying to flirt with the band. Do they want to be respected as peers and bandmates or do they want to be treated like groupies?

Overall not a great night. None of the performances really stuck with me as Wow. Dilana brought a lot of energy, confidence and style. Still like Lucas’ individuality and stage presence.
Magni was much better tonite than his last two performances, didn’t like the totally black glasses though.

Is it just me or are a bunch of the ladies coming across as really slutty? Specifically Storm and Jenny. There’s just this fine line between sexy and slutty that I can’t really define, and it just gets in the way of the song. Maybe I’m just too old-school.

My vote for bottom 3 are Phil, Zayra and Dana.

I agree this version of Rockstar sucks ass. Again, it’s because we have no idea of what Suckernova is going to sound like! You can determine who can sing from who cannot (Zayra) but beyond that what the fuck are they looking for?

No-one stands out at all. RS: INXS, we were able to figure out if someone had a style that would work with the band (granted they had, what, 12 albums of material to draw from). These guys all look like rock pretenders at karaoke night. I can’t take 'em seriously.

Lukas is so fuckin’ ugly. Can I get that guy off my TV? Seriously. Dilana is just trying too hard, in my opinion. You’re dark and scary… we get it. And why is Zayra there again?

I figure when they’re down to five or so I’ll watch. Right now I don’t think it’s worth my time.

I still love Lukas and Dilana, they’re really the only bright spots in the sarlacc pit of mediocrity that is Rockstar: Supernova.

Storm looks like Lindsay Lohan and Zayada… oh, Zayada…


I hope her head falls off.

I still want to hit Phil, only now I’d like to hit Phil with Zayada’s disembodied head if it’s all the same to everyone else.

What blows my mind is that Zayra sucked ass and they all told her she was fabulous. Now, I’m not particularly fond of REM, but that song does have a nice melody and she didn’t sing any of it. I really think she needs to go this week. Dave and Gilby (even though he retracted it like an idiot) were right that sending Chris home instead of her last week was a mistake.

Dilana was great again last night. I didn’t see her performance last week, but so far she’s been consistently strong. My husband doesn’t like her voice; says it’s too raspy. I’m just the opposite. I love that deep, Stevie Nicks raspy tone.

Lukas was good too, and I think he’d be great in some band, I’m just not sure it’s this one. He’s got more of a punk vibe to me.

I also liked Storm, Patrice, and Magni last night. Magni looked like Moby in those sunglasses. Everyone else was just okay, except Zayra, who sucked really, really bad. Phil wasn’t quite as wiggly this week, though he did do the head wobble a few times.

I can’t stand her. It’s funny that one of the guys said that Dana’s performance was like watching a Celine Dion extrvaganza, but to me, Zayara reminds me of Celine Dion if she were trying to hard to be a rocker. She annoys the living hell out of me and she needs to go. She’s not all that attractive either, so I don’t know why the guys are distracted from the horrible sound of her voice and vocal stylings.

Lukas is kinda skeevy looking, but he seems perfect for the band and I like watching him perform. He and Dilana are my favorites.

The Canadian chick has only lasted this long because she’s pretty. That’s all. She’s way overstayed her welcome and needs to go now.

[QUOTE=Nutty Bunny…if she were trying to hard to be a rocker.[/QUOTE]

I mean “too”. :smack:

Maybe this week it was the see-through dress? I noticed that you could see the entire outline of her legs. Or maybe they’re just a bunch of old horn dogs.

Random comments:

Lukas and Dilanna seem to instinctively “get” what these guys will be going for. Lukas is an ass, but he definitely knows how to be a star on stage.
If Natalie Maines ever leaves the Dixie Chicks, Dana is more than ready to step in. She can’t sing well off the “proper” notes like you need to do in rock, and I hope this show doesn’t ruin her confidence.
I never realized how crazy a person can sound if they’re singing White Rabbit. “What are you talking about? I don’t know who Alice is! Stop yelling at me!!!”
Go home Zayra. Go home now! She’s the worst parts of Shakira, Celine Dion, Enya and Bjork rolled into one.
Ryan has the smile of a serial killer.
Did anyone else notice that we didn’t get any comments from Jason after he went up to play? I’m sure he said something after that point and it was edited out, but it was odd, like he had suddenly disappeared or something.

That reminds me…isn’t Ryan Starr the name of that girl on the first season of American Idol that ripped up perfectly good clothing and called it “making her own clothes”. She was also on a season of the Surreal Life.

It just occurred to me last night that they share the same stage name. I guess he’s glad she’s slipped back into obscurity. Ha!

First off, I have a soft spot in my heart for metal, both old and new school.

Dilana and Lucas are both terrible. Now, I come from a time when metal singers actually had stellar chops (Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Joe Elliot, even Ozzy), but these two already sound like 50-something has-beens with shredded vocal cords. When Lukas got the advice last week for taking care of his voice, my thought was “too late, it’s been shredded since he was sixteen.”

They have fantastic stage presence, I’ll give them that, but upon doing the “closed eyes” test while the show was on, they set off my “ipod-insta-skip-button” reflex.

My huge beef with this season is the song selections. They are all being forced to audition and “rock up” standard catalog mainstream pop songs. The band clearly is looking for something metal, but the only thing that comes close are Nirvana’s few safe-for-radio tracks.

I want to see these contenders cover some Moterhead, Iron Maiden, Slade, Nine Inch Nails, Danzig…gimme some horns baby! \m/ \m/

Yeah, the song selections are weak. I love Soul Asylum, but there’s no way to rock out “Runaway Train”. Toby was dead in the water from the first “Call”. Dilana is still my choice and it’d be pure whiskey magic to hear her do a duet with Tom Waits. I’ve got a feeling she’s going to be this year’s Jordis Unga who loses her confidence later in the show which would be a shame.

Yeah, that was odd.
I liked Ryan’s smile-for-the-camera bit, & I don’t think serial killer at all. Of course, I read the July 7 entry in his show blog:

I think his face just is that way.
And I see what you mean about Zayra. But the crazy sort of works for me on stage.

Hey, didn’t one of those chicks say, “Screw you, Gilby Clarke” last night? They played it back and it was “I’ll show you, Gilby Clarke.” Fuckin’ weird. Maybe I’m losing it…

And sounded exactly like Rory Gilmore while saying it.

No, it was always, “I’ll show you…” I watch performance eps repeatedly. I’m reasonably sure.

So, anyone surprised at last night’s results, with girl whose name I can’t remember going home? I’m really not. Basically I see it this way: there are some obvious front-runners here, and the ones who are getting into the bottom three now are going to go home soon anyway, so it doesn’t matter from week to week who goes.

I also wasn’t surprised to see Josh in the bottom three, even though the guys in the band and Josh were really surprised. I think there’s something a little weird about his singing. It’s almost like he doesn’t have his own voice, because every time he sings he sounds different. When he sang “Come as You Are,” I thought that was especially evident. It sounded like there were three different people singing it because he was changing his voice constantly. I really didn’t care for that. I also wasn’t impressed with his “Heart Shaped Box” at all. That’s one of my favorite songs, so I may be judging a bit harshly, but he totally did not rock it like he said he would. “Heart Shaped Box” does not have runs in it. I felt like I was listening to Nick Lachey trying to sing Nirvana.

Dana rocked last night, but her time will be coming very soon. It was nice of Dilana to give her pointers.

I don’t get these song choices for when the bottom 3 perform. If he sucked enough with a Nirvana song the night before, why did he choose Nirvana to suck at again?? It’s like Zayra singing the same song from the performance night a couple of weeks ago.

Well, at least it’s not Duran Duran. :smack: :rolleyes:

I dunno, I think I’d rather hear Josh sing Duran Duran than butcher my beloved Nirvana.