Rock Star: Supernova

I couldn’t find a thread on this. Is anyone else watching? My American Idol friends, perhaps? I didn’t watch Rock Star: INXS last summer, but I heard good things and wanted to give this one a shot.

For those who haven’t watched, Tommy Lee is searching for a lead singer for his new band, Supernova, which he is forming with Gilby Clark (formerly of Guns ‘n’ Roses) and Jason Newsted (formerly of Metallica).

My favorite performances were by Storm (Pinball Wizard), Dilana (Lithium), and Lukas (Rebel Yell). However, I think Lukas should give Christina Ricci her forehead back. Dilana was probably my favorite of those three. I think Zayra is in danger of going home tonight. She was absolutely terrible. As was the guy who performed right before Lukas (I think).

Anyone? Bueller?

crickets chirping

I watched it and thought most of the girls did well. Jill (the little tiny one) was awesome. The women were much more colorful then the men. Interesting.

Yeah I started a thread a couple of days ago.

I’m a huge fan, I can’t stand watching American Idol. I think there are huge differences between a “pop singer” and a “rock star”.

“Rock Star’s” can write songs and play instruments and sing, “Pop Singer’s” can look pretty and sing.


My thoughts exactly – I thought the women sounded much better than the men. The weakest female performer (Zayra) was stronger than any of the males (none of whom were awful, but none of them were especially memorable.

I was floored by Jill’s performance – I can’t wait to see her next one.

Dilana & Lukas are definately my favorite. Honestly, I doubt a woman will win, but if one does, I see it being Dilana.

Tommy’s reaction to Lukas gave me chills.

I really, honestly, don’t know how Zayra made it to the final 15.

Can’t wait to see who goes home.

I found myself comparing last nights performances to last years faves.

Sorry, my search-fu must be weak. I didn’t find your thread when I searched.

Yeah, I’m definitely liking this better than American Idol. Half the time they’re singing songs I don’t even like. I just like the competition aspect of it, I think. Last night they songs I could actually jam out to. Even my husband couldn’t help but watch, and he despises Idol. At one point, he brought up the Paula Abdul sex scandal from Idol, and said, “If they can’t keep Paula Abdul from having sex with the contestants on American Idol, what are they going to do to keep Tommy Lee away from all those hot girls?” I (jokingly) predicted that a girl will win, Tommy and she will end up in a relationship, and the band will break up within a year because of it.

And oh yeah, I forgot about Jill. I really liked her too. Basically just Zayra was painfully bad, and all the other girls rocked. Most of the guys didn’t do much for me, except Lukas. If I had to bet right now, I’d wager he’ll take the whole thing.

I’m glad I found this thread. This show is just lightyears ahead of American Idol as far as individuality and energy goes! I thought that really wild chick with the intense stare was awesome. There are a million things you can fault rock ‘n’ roll for, but lack of passion ain’t one of 'em!

Favorites: Most of the girls

Least Favorites: The same guys the judges didn’t like (I think they previewed them as the bottom three)

I <heart> Storm and Magni. I loved both of their performances, but I’d really like to see Magni do what the Icelanders do best - metal. Dilana was awesome but kinda creepy.

Lukas did bad things to Rebel Yell, and needs to be shot. However he’s got an interesting voice and vibe, so I’d like to see what else he can do.

What day/time is the results show airing for you guys over there? I just need to know so’s I can start avoiding the threads, and avoid getting spoilered, coz once again we’re looking at about a 6-12 hour delay between airing over there and airing down here.

Did anyone else think that Dilana kind of reminded you of James Hetfield at the beginning all intense leaning over the mic?

I wonder if Jason thought so…

What the fuck was Matt thinking choosing Duran Duran’s “Planet Earth” to try to stave off elimination? The band members had made a big deal about song selection, and he goes and picks that. Maybe Matt thought he was on last year’s version – INXS and Duran Duran aren’t that far apart.

Guh. So the elimination show is that far behind for us. :frowning:

Spoilers plskthx, just for a couple of days.

Look here, it’s not like you posted an extremely visible message that I should have se … oh, wait, you did. Sorry.

No harm, no foul. Not like you spoiled too much for me :slight_smile: (I fully expected Matt to be in the bottom 3 anyway). It was just more of a general request.

Chris would’ve (and should’ve) been out for sure if Matt hadn’t lost his freakin’ mind. His attitude bugs, too. The spittin’ water all over the crowd? Lovely… :rolleyes:

I honestly don’t understand why anyone thought Lucas’s " RrebaaaaaaReeeeooooooooooo" sucked massive donkey balls, and he’s far too into his image to take seriously.

I can’t help but feel that all the ROCK! type performers (I’m looking in your general direction, Dilana) look far more like overwrought parodies of rock singers than actual rock singers.

Oh, definitely. The guys so much as told Matt he was safe with their “We loved your performance last night” comments, and it looked like a sure thing that Chris was going home. Matt did a really stupid thing.

My opinion of Lukas went down a bit last night. He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut when he’s asked questions like that (and learn not to ask them himself). It made him look really smug, like he thinks he’s better than everyone else and they need to look to him for how to improve. That attitude won’t get him far with the three established rockers who are calling the shots, I have a feeling.

Matt’s comments were sweet last night. So were Tommy’s. Damn this show for making me tear up! This is supposed to be hard core rock, people!

Well, he went out & did his kind of thing. Nothing wrong with that. Remember that when they were taking auditions, the band hadn’t been announced. Some of the contestants are going to have to just be themselves, & let the band cut them if it doesn’t mesh with where Tommy, Gilby, & Jason are going.

Lukas is a pretentious ass. If it gets to a point that his chops can’t back up his attitude, I suspect Newsted will toss him out.

We are so programed to reject all politically incorrect answers, especially concerning criticism of our peers. The standard American Idol reply of “I am just honored to be allowed such a great experience. Everyone here is really talented. It’s just up to us to do our best every week.”
IMO Lucas answered honestly to the question without being obnoxious and self serving. He was right on about Miss Atlanta. She is too girl-next-door and apple pie to front a down and dirty rock group even though she has a lovely voice. And two of the three predictions he made were correct.
Also, of the three bottom three performances Matt was the best both vocally and in stage presence. To allow two obviously inferior performers to advance simply because you don’t like the group or song choice to me seems rather juvenile. True, if Matt had a history of choosing songs that didn’t mesh with the group’s style that would be different. But this was the first week and he had to choose his elimination song before hearing comments on his first performance.
I really enjoy the show much better than AI. These singers have experience on stage and a developed style. Their confidence shows and makes the competition much more entertaining.

Lil’ Dynamite Jill

I think I’m in love with Storm. I don’t know why, but she was awesome and HOT. Dilana was also awesome but she intimidates me some, she strikes me as the “vial of your lover’s blood around your neck” kind of chick. And while I like 'em freaky, that’s a little over the line.

And Zayra is… interesting. I’m thinking we need to see her audition because of how she’s performing so far.

Magni was cool but he didn’t blow me away.

The thing about Lukas is that he seems that he is coming into this with the game mindset, just like Richard Hatch way back in Survivor 1 - he came in to see it as a game and went on to win it. Lukas is here to win, not for the experience and traditionally those people go on to win so long as the performance is there. Were this AI America could knock him off, but with RS, as I discuss below - ultimately it’s up to the band.

I like that RS doesn’t put the whole thing in America’s hands. This is a band and the band has to like who they’re going to play with, so they give America control to put people on the chopping block, but it’s up to the band to drop the axe (hammer to fall?).

This looks to be an AWESOME season. I’m also loving the ability to watch all the stuff online! That’s bad ass :slight_smile:

Anyways yeah, it’s 1am and I need to crash.