Rush Limbaugh, you are dead to us

His “fans” will struggle to remember his name, after ten years.
Lets us all be dignified, & forget he ever existed, today.


His suffering has ended at last:

… and also did real damage to individuals. I have a boyhood best friend that was lost to the right wing hate machine in large part by getting sucked into Rush’s radio show during his formative post teen years when we are all crafting our soon-to-be adult identities. Last I heard he has gone full MAGA Proud Boy.

His “fans” will struggle to remember their names after ten years.

Whether he’s responsible for this “more than any single person” is perhaps arguable (Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes are contenders), but he was indisputably an influential factor. What he did was essentially help to transform the US political system from a two-party system of competing ideologies to a one-party system plus a gang of unprincipled lunatics.

De mortuis nil nisi bonum

Rush Limbaugh mortuus est


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Even with no google help I can see it is a version of:

You should only say good things about the departed.

Rush is dead.


If only Christopher Hitchens had lived to see this moment. He would have the words for it.

My apologies.

Here is the translation, which should make it apparent that the dig was not directed at anyone but Rush.

Of the dead, [say] nothing but good.

Rush Limbaugh is dead.


Fair enough, I misinterpreted your meaning. Part of the problem with using Latin instead of English.

‘Ts cool. Also, I suppose I should have credited Dorothy Parker for the inspiration.

Well done!

My best friend was pulled into the right-wing by Limbaugh and his buddy/protege, Jim Quinn. It has often been a struggle to maintain our friendship these past 20 years, when we had previously been as close as brothers. Several times we have stopped talking entirely, once for over two years, despairing that we can ever see eye-to-eye. We have had to acknowledge that we literally live in different worlds with different facts, and because of this, no amount of arguing or discussing can ever come to a useful resolution.

Every day since he became a conservative talking head, Rush made the world a worse place. If I’m not celebrating his death, it’s only because I mourn that he was ever born. He had a public platform, and if he got it by spewing lies and fomenting hatred, then he could have at least, at some point, chosen to do good in the world, but he did not. He kept airing his show even under the shadow of his terminal diagnosis, shunning the opportunity to see the world, be with his family, and enjoying the hundreds of millions of dollars he accumulated. Bad things happen to good people all the time. I’ll not spare a moment’s sadness when it happens to someone this horrible. Hell, it made my day. His death won’t make the world a better place, but at least his direct role in making it worse is over.

His family can console themselves with the huge dumpsters of money he made by dragging the country into the toilet. They’ll be fine.

I never agreed with Limbaugh’s views. There were times that he seemed to take right wing positions to satisfy his listeners expectations. He was part performer and part right wing pundit.

He dealt with severe health problems for a long time. His degenerative hearing loss was a big problem. He lived with a lot of pain that got him hooked on pain killer medication.

The lung cancer finished him off. I feel sorry for him. That’s a tough way for anyone to die.

RIP Rush.

But isn’t knowingly having an act or a shtick spreading hateful propaganda and lies worse than being a true believer about it?

“Often progress is made only funeral by funeral.”-Max Planck

Good question. It’s horrible to spew hatred whether or know you know you’re full of shit. I guess I respect intelligence more than ignorance, so I have a bit more respect for a guy who knows he’s spreading manure than one who’s so stupid that he doesn’t know he’s talking out of his ass.

But either way, he was a despicable person and other than the personal pain that his loved ones are feeling, I’m quite pleased that he’s dead.

“Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, but Rush Limbaugh’s death diminishes me the same way taking a really, really good shit does.”

– John Donne