San DiegDopefest II (south) - planning

OK, after much fun and frivolity was had at LA Dope 2003 (“Take it to the Pit!”), we discussed San DiegDopfest II, as many of us were there. Proposed locations included:

[ul][li]NOT Farrell’s ;)[/li][li]Callahan’s, an Irish pub in Mira Mesa (same shopping center as Farrell’s, actually)[/li][li]Corvette’s, the 50’s diner on 5th Avenue in Hillcrest[/li][li]Lips, the drag restaurant on 5th near Balboa Park[/ul][/li]
One suggestion was to have a dinner Saturday night, then do Lips’ Sunday Gospel Brunch the next morning for those who wanted to make a weekend out of it.

I’ll take other suggestions, votes on these suggestions, and suggestions on dates.


I really regret missing the last one, so I’d like to vote against Callahan’s, as I am quite underage.

I’m always up for a trip to the Corvette Diner. I guess that gets my vote.

I certainly think Corvette’s would be fun, but Callahan’s certainly is a fun place with good food. And Holden, it’s a restaurant, so you’d be allowed in, you just wouldn’t be able to drink.


And everone could stay at the Red Lion Hanalei - neatest hotel in San Diego! (And it’s where I’m hoping to have Gaylaxicon next year - which means I might even be able to get us a deal if people were interested…)


Although the Balboa Park Inn is very, very kitchy. Hmmm…


In that case, color me undecided; I’m sure the informed voters will choose a fine place. :slight_smile:

As long as there is an alcoholic drink of some sort in my hand at all times, I’m pretty happy.

Well, except for Farrell’s, where the blinking lights and sirens are NOT condusive to a fine drinking experience.

And I am SO there for the Lips Brunch. SO there.

I don’t particularly care where we go (although I’ll probably not make a weekend of it unless I can get crash space at someone’s place) but I’d like to be there.

Although my attendance will greatly depend on the dates selected. My weekends are pretty booked through the middle of May.

I’m sooo there for the Lips Brunch also. I can’t wait to be drunk by noon that day!

I’ve never been to Corvette diner. And I’ve lived here for 12 years. I’m sure that must be some sort of crime.

So I’m up for it. Shoot, I don’t have to drive far for this one, so it’s definitely a go.

Okay. To clarify my earlier post:

I graduate on May 17th. Therefore, my weekends are pretty booked up to that point.

After that, however, they’re pretty clear.

I think Callahan’s would be a wonderful spot to end up at some point in the revelry. It’s not exclusively a bar, so no concerns about any minors or non-drinkers in the crowd. They serve great food, and at very reasonable prices.

Then again, I’ve never been to Corvette’s, and I’m always up for something new. And I’d love to do Sunday brunch at Lips again, so consider me there.

Sometime in April would probably be best, or barring that, the latter part of June, or July … Though any weekend can be do-able, as long as I know about it far enough in advance.

Everything BUT the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May. JustPlainBryan and I are getting hitched on May 3rd, and that weekend before is going to be full of bachelor/bachelorette parties and general merriment and silliness.

Um, excuse me, but I think a Dopefest is just a little more important than that - DON’T YOU?

Some people! Screwed up priorities, I tell ya…


Yeah, but if you make it the weekend after, we’ll be going to a Dopefest for our honeymoon. Spirit of The Dope 'n all that, y’know.

Does that mean we can celebrate with JustPlainJava and BryanMaven1?

Congratulations you two - I must have been WAY behind in my reading, this is the first I’ve heard about it!

As far as Dopefest: May or June would be best for us, we like to make a weekend of it. My choice would be Corvette’s, we’ll have to see what cadolphin and her Irish heritage says about that.

So mid to late May is sounding good right now…


You all suck. My weekends are booked from May through the latter part of June. Anyone up for a RenFaireDope? I can get tickets. :smiley:

I really have to get used to this borrowing a computer thing. The above post was from yours truly.

~hangs head in shame~

Time to put up that Post-It you were talking about…