San Diego DopeFest!

Hey kids, it’s been a long time since we’ve gotten together. I guess I miss you knuckleheads. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we need to get together and have dinner. What do you think? I’m thinking Saturday, June 18th. I’d love to have Mexican food, so I’m thinking of someplace like Cozymel’s in UTC . I am, of course, open to suggestion if you think that’s a nasty idea.

Astroyboy14 does that fit in with your new jobby-job? **Ashes[sup]2[/sup] will you drive in to see us that day? Anyone?

It does, and I’m up for it!

Anyone else? :slight_smile:

I actually think I can make that one! :smiley:

My hip surgery is the 20th. I’d like to come down and see some friendly faces, just not sure yet it I’ll have a car by then. But it sounds like fun, and I’ll be ready for some cool air by then. The forecast for this weekend is 113 degrees!

Heck, school’s out by then, so yay!

Jiminy crickets! Have y’all been chomping at the bit for this, or what? It’s only been like 10 minutes!

I’m in.


I even have a new, louder shirt for this Dopefest! :smiley:

Note to self: bring sunglasses. :cool:

Aw, I miss you too!

I doubt I’ll be able to make it though. I’m supposed to start on my short film in July, and there are wedding videos to shoot, and planning for a possible move back to L.A.

Have fun, though!

And a shout out to Expirx! You’re a fun guy, Ex, and it’s always a pleasure to see you at a DopeFest.

You’re not gonna believe this shit: as it turns out, I may have posted too hastily…

Just scant hours after my earlier post I was chatting with a co-worker, and he casually mentioned that he hopes he can get a good shift after the reorganization.

“Huh?” I said, brightly.
“Oh yeah!” he said, “You missed that meeting while you were in the ACSR training, didn’t you? After they move customer service to Desert Cities, all of the CS people are coming over here to Tech. Support. Then we’re going to be doing tech. support here 24/7. Everyone has to bid on shifts…”

I began to have a bad feeling about this.

As soon as possible thereafter, I cornered my supervisor.

“Hey Sup!” I said, maintaining a light and cheerful tone, “What’s this about going 24/7 and having to bid on shifts?”

“Yeppers!” he replied without a care in the world (after all, he’s safe, being a supervisor and all), “We’ll let you know as soon as we do what the new shifts will be, and then everyone will bid on the shifts that they want to have. Who gets what, of course, will be based on seniority…”

I reflected on the fact that I was still IN TRAINING for this position, and how that didn’t bode well for me in the seniority department…

I also reflected on the fact that the reason I had applied to transfer to this position was that I could actually get a normal shift and have weekends off for once, and stop working graveyard with 16 hour days thrown in, and how excited I had been to get to know my wife again and have a normal life for once…

I further reflected on the fact that no one had thought it a good idea to mention any of this to me during the application process a couple of weeks ago…

[sup]“I’m fucked, aren’t I?”[/sup]I wheezed, grasping my chest.
“Oh, no!” he said with a smile, “You see, people will be bidding on shifts based on senority…”

I tuned him out at this point, and slinked (slanked? slunked?) back to my cubicle to clutch my red Swingline stapler and curse in my heart soulless corporations and mid-level management sleeze-types.

So I guess now I’m a “maybe” for the Dopefest. :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack:

And now, I shall drink. very heavy sigh

I’d start a Pit thread, but right now I just don’t have the gumption to do so…

June 18 should work for me!

But I am unfamiliar with Cozymel’s; could you please give a brief description of how to find it, scout1222? (I’ve looked at your link, so I’ll put the address that provides into Google Maps and see if that helps.)

Cozymel’s is on the corner of La Jolla Village Drive and Genesee. It’s on the same property as UTC mall, so it’s probably technically part of the mall, but it’s basically on the outer edge of the parking lot. You don’t need to be in the mall to get to it. It’s very visible from either LJV Drive or Genesee. So if you’re on I-5 or I-805, you’d get off at La Jolla Village Drive (there’s an exit for that off 805, isn’t there? At least a Miramar Road off-ramp and then go west and it’ll become LJV Drive), take La Jolla Village Drive to Genesee, and you can get into the parking lot from Genesee.

So since the day, for the most part, works for everyone, what time would work? Does 6pm sound good?

I really hope your job thing works out so that you can come, Astroboy! I should thank my lucky stars I don’t have to worry about working different shifts, because that sounds annoying.

I think the chances are still pretty good that I’ll be there; we still don’t know for sure when the shifts are going to change. And now that I’ve had time to breathe a bit, I’m seeing advantages to the different shifts (as long as I don’t get stuck with graveyard, that is…). :wink:

Thanks for the placement of it; I’m familiar with the area but for some reason have never noticed the Cozymel’s.

6:00 PM should be good for me.

Just bumping to do a little roundup.

So far, it looks like we’d have:

scout1222 + BSMF
Astroboy + Astrogirl
beckwall - maybe
Ashes, Ashes

That makes 9 people. I’m going to call them up maybe later on this week to get us reserved if I can. Anyone else? Any status changes, additional SOs, friends, etc.?

Hmmm. I’d like to contemplate this. I need to get out of this place, and I just figured out that my car gets nearly 40 mpg highway. Any room for someone decidedly undecided?

I haven’t called up Cozymels yet, so if you want in, I can up the number.

(I say…DO IT.) :smiley:

Nosy soul here…is there going to be a Dopefest or not? I guess I’ll just wait for another time to hit SoCal…but I will someday!

I had the impression scout1222’s response to your initial query was asking for a definite yes or no as to whether you planned to be there. HTH :slight_smile: