Sappy Songs You Turn (Punch) Off Instantly

OK. Self-explanatory.

To kick it off:

I want to Know what love is (Foreigner)

“Say a Little Prayer” – not sure who it’s by, but it appears in a lot of romantic comedy trailers.
“This Will Be Everlasting Love” – from that damn commercial. Makes me think of Oprah-esque glurge, and pisses me off from the opening notes.

Dionne Warwick

Natalie Cole

I thought “Say a little Prayer” might have been Dionne Warwick, but I’m too lazy to Google.

Don’t know about the second one. There are dozens, and dozens, and dozens of thesse sappy songs though.

Come on SDMB - who’s next?

Bryan Adams?
Celine Dione?
Bobby Goldsborrow (sp?)
Air Supply

Seasons in the Fucking Sun (Terry Jacks)

I hate that damn song too, but Black Box Recorder, a British band with a sultry girl singer, Sarah Nixey, actually did a good cover of it.

Good bye Michelle my little one (sniff, sniff, sniff…)

Oh, man, I’m such a hypocrite, because that song actually does pull some heartstrings. (Sounds like cancer, early death, and it reminds me of a friend.)

But - AHEM! - The rest of the sickly love-ballad stuff is crrrrrap. (wipe, wipe…)

Anything by Cliff Richard
“Reunited” from Peaches and Herb (?)
“I’ll Make Love To You” Boys 2 Men (?)
“Amanda” Boston (don’t know if that fits here)
“Beth” from Kiss (same as above)
“I Can’t Live If Living Is Without You” (?)
Any crap love song from Journey
REO released this ultra-sappy song in the 80s… Can’t remember the name, but it makes me want to spew.

You Light up My Life - Debbie Boone. Gah!!!

Daughters - or whatever it was called, has the line about “mothers be good to your daughters” - I honestly didn’t think I’d ever come to dislike a song as much as You Light up My Life, but at least that one took some horrendous overplaying before I got that sick of it. THIS ONE, though, I hated the first time I heard it. I cannot believe the perpetrator got a Grammy for it.

goes to put on Locomotive Breath to get the incredible blahness out of her ears and mind

I’m just hoping no one lists “Watching Scotty Grow.” I’m loathe to admit the effect that wrecthed, beautiful tripe has on me. wipe wipe


And I seriously mean: LOL.

Because with a 7 year old daughter and a six year old son, I am completely in sync.

Ok - I’m a loving, hypocritical father who hates losing friend to cancer. Apart from that, I hate SAPPY SONGS!!!

The “daughters” song is by John Mayer, isn’t it?

“She’s out of my Life” and “Lost without your love” are two more offenders.

“Rocky” - Austin Roberts

Sample lyric:

"She said, “Rocky, I never had to die before.
Don’t know if I can do it.”

changes the station, quickly


I can’t even remember the name of the song (falling in love?) but the the singer seems to be tongue tied and sings “Fawin’ in luv, I’m Fawin’ in luv wif you”
Ack! get it away from me! Also “Hypmotized” get his vocal chords off that black board!

It is most likely by Diana King.

Ewwww…the satellite radio at work has a bunch of sappy wonders on an endless loop. Makes me want to puncture my eardrums. GAH!

Most cringe-worthy:

“You Light Up My Life” (Debbie Boone)
“Having My Baby” (Paul Anka)
“Mandy” (Barry Manilow)
“Here I Am, The One That You Love” (Air Supply – actually, anything by Air Supply)
“Reunited” (Peaches and Herb)
what I call the “Titanic Theme Song” (Celine Dion)

This is just skimming the list, mind you.

trying not to cringe too violently just thinking of them

Yeah, I once had to work at a place that played a radio station with similar content, but being in Canada, had to also include similar Canadian-content sappy songs. And it was on the night shift. My sanity was susceptible…

I should also note “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlysle, a creepy little glurgefest, and another sappy tearjerker called “Christmas Shoes.” Destroy all copies!

“More Than a Feeling,” by Boston.
“100 Years,” Five for Fighting. Words can scarcely describe how much I hate this song.