Sarah Silverman - "The Great Schlep"

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Sarah Silverman has made a really funny video for urging young Jewish voters to go visit their grandparents in Florida and talk them into voting for Obama. It’s political, but since it’s really funny - and involves Silverman, I thought I’d try it here in CS first.

The Great Schlep

Just saw this the other day, was about to start a Thread- conscientiously did a search first.

Here’s a direct link to the site: The Great Schlep

Pretty funny.

It’s working! :wink: :cool:

I saw a little bit on Olbermann’s show the other night. Too bad Sarah Silverman is the absolute WORST interview on the face of the Earth. The Schlep is a riot!

the guy who was on msnbc yest. saying that obama should hump his suitcases on a commercial flight. i looked at the guy, rolled my eyes and said, chez, doesn’t he know the word schlep? you schlep suitcases.

it is a great video and has caused many to visit bubbe and get the obama word out.

She’s kinda cute in that one. Weird to see her looking serious. But why don’t we just send Joe Lieberman…oh…wait…:mad:.

You schlep suitcases. You hump Sarah Silverman. :smiley:

In Florida, Sarah Silverman suitcases you.