Satan Slept Here! -or- Millenium Road Trip!

Greetings, Dopers!

Here is the deal: I have had the shittiest year in my life. Got separated from my wife. Mom died. This Heather thing. Problems at work. Blah!

I need new perspective… All this time events and people have led me around by the nose to places I didn’t want to be. But now, it’s time for ME to take control of the wheel…

You see, ever since I was eight years old, I always dreamed of getting in my car and just taking off on a cross-country trip. Start in Raleigh (it was NYC then, but stay with me) to the Pacific Ocean and back! With stops wherever I felt like it. Hooking up with old friends, making new ones…

But who knew when I would have the time to do it as well as the money?

Thanks to the music biz, which shuts down entirely between X-Mas and the beginning of the New Year, combined with a lot of extra vacation days I have to play with, I’m gonna have at least 17 days of paid time off, from 12/18 to 1/4, and maybe even more with all the vacation time I have accrued.

And thanks to credit cards, I don’t need the money! I’ll just pay the trip off until I die in small increments that barely touch the balance! Yay!

So, like Keroac before me, I’m going ON THE ROAD!

Anyway, I would love to be able to <strike>freeload at your house, eat your food , drink your beer and save money on hotels I cannot afford</strike> meet as many of you fine Dopers as I can while I am doing this!

I am still in the planning stages here. I must admit I am totally anal about road trips like this in that I print maps, estimate driving times, and generally get really detailed. But the planning part is almost as cool as the driving part!

I don’t know right now where I’m going (somehow to somewhere on the West Coast) but I do know that I have a LOT of time to do it, and going from Doper to Doper (with some odd family members and old friends as well) to visit and maybe crash with would be cool beans!

If you would like to let Satan sleep with you (hee hee) just post here where you are, and I’ll get in touch personally for some more detailed info when I know exactly what course I wind up plotting.

And of course, I appreciate anyone who gives me a place to crash, but really, I wanna meet you fuckers! :slight_smile:

Yer pal,


I’ve taken a couple of cross country road trips in my life, had a great time! Definitely a great stress reliever, in my opinion, like getting born again, though I guess you wouldn’t know anything about that ;).

I’m planning on taking a road trip myself over new year’s–headed down to New Orleans, hopefully to watch the Hokies (my alma mater) take the national championship. :slight_smile:

Make sure you pencil in Chicago, I’m sure the group would put together a gathering in your honor. I’d love to offer my abode, but since the move back from college my parents aren’t quite as welcoming as the guys in the frat.

Excellent idea, its a goal we share, and I nearly did it with 3 friends as a post college vacation, but people pussed out. I hope you go through with it. Keep us posted, it’ll be interesting for everyone here to live vicariously for a week or two. Will you be bringing your laptop I hope so we can get live updates?

Sure! You can stop off at my place! It might be a slight detour for you, but heck, it’s all part of the adventure, right?

I look forward to seeing you here in Melbourne, Australia! :wink:

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I am laptopless (but not a dancer) unfortunately. However, I imagine I could always jump on the computer of a Doper (and there’s always cyber cafes) to make a quick post.

Or maybe Opal can even hook me up with a page for her site? Heck, I’ll get a camera and try and post images and a tour diary even.

Opal? You down with a “Satan’s Path To Hell” page? For me and the “Teeming Minions”?

Guano Lad - Where exactly is that bridge to Australia? Or is is a tunnel?

Yer pal,

I’m just picturing this: “Have you met my houseguest, Our Dark Lord of the Netherworld? Would you like some tea?”

Satan, I don’t know how you feel about flying, but the Husband and I would be glad to welcome you to spend your holiday here in Heidelberg, Germany.

Imagine it: all the good beer you can drink, lots of German frauliens to party mit, and plenty of home-cooked meals by yours truly. We’re having prime rib for Chrismas dinner, btw, cooked to order.

Since my little brother will be home for the Holidays, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to drive you up to Amsterdam to visit with Coldfire, as long as you don’t mind a little detour to his favorite coffehouse in Maastricht. :slight_smile:

Hope to see ya!

(note to self: get fbi & police reports on this fellow called “satan”.)

You can park in my driveway and I’ll let you in to use the toilet.

You can come stay with me if you want to come to sunny Florida. My vet tech friends are a bunch of wild women, and they can take you to Ybor City (think a smaller version of Burbon Street) and if you survive that we can hit Disney and the other theme parks. Since I have such a bizzare work schedule, I would have plenty of free time. But you would have to sleep on my couch and put up with all my animals.

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Satan, if you want to come to Boise Idaho, you are welcome to stay with us. I’ve got horses, dogs, ducks and geese to entertain you ;). We’ll feed you while you’re here, yada yada yada.

It would be a little out of your way, assuming that you’ll be going through Utah and Nevada, but not much at all.

I can also discuss some good places to end up on the West Coast, if you like.

In any case, do this! What a fun way to clear the cobwebs out of your head! Just let me know what you think.


Satan, if you stop in Chicago, and if you decide to also to go to St. Louis (there seem to be a number of Dopers there), make sure you stop here in Springfield (IL). You might not want to sleep over (since it’s only 3 1/2 hours from Chicago and 1 1/2 from St. Louis – driving slowly), but at least we could do lunch or something. Frankly, you can’t get to St. Louis from Chicago (or the opposite) without going thru here anyway, along 55.

Surely a music person like yourself can’t think about going coast to caost without a stop in the home of rock and roll, Cleveland!! We have extra space at our house, and SDers are always welcome.

“Come on, Phonics Monkey–drum!”

What an awesome way to spend the New Year!
My Pacific Ocean awaits you Satan…altho… I would have to check with my pimp about the sleeping arrangements =)

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I live in Sparks, NV. As it happens, I have a spare room…with a fold out couch. If that interests you, you are welcome to stay here…if I’m in town when you are.

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Well, there ya go Satan. If you hit Cleveland and Chicago it’s an easy stop here in Toledo, or I could wander over to Cleveland. There isn’t a whole helluva lot to do in Toledo, but we do have a pisspot full of bars and restaurants.

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There’s always a place for you here, too, and while Columbus is not the most exciting place on Earth to visit, you definitely need someone to take a picture of you at the Field of Corn. :wink:

If you’re going to the west coast from Raleigh, I-10 may become a part of your plans. In that case, you’ll come through Houston.

I really don’t have a spare room, but I’ve managed to accomodate people before in the living room, so it can work. My industry is such that prior to the New Year, I can probably take a day off and show you the town and good places to get drunk, etc. We might even be able to round up the Houston SDMB crew. After the 1st, I’m going to have to be all b’ness.

Keep us informed as plans gel, pal.

Well you have a place to crash in Seattle :slight_smile:

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

Satan, I know that Michigan may be a painful place for you to visit. But you are welcome at my house. I have a very comfortable couch, two really cute kids that sleep through the night, and besides, my husband is a really great guitar player, with much gear. You can jam if you like, or go see his band play, and we’ll buy the beer. :slight_smile:

Besides, I just really like the idea of saying “Say hi to mommy’s friend Satan, kids!”

Hey, Dark Lord… I’m here in Los Angeleez, and I’d invite you to come stay except that I’m not sure the status of my life at the time you arrive. I might be able to feed you at least. :slight_smile: