Saturday MMP

I lost my Mojo.
I left the back door open while shoveling snow and it escaped. The tracks ended at the fence.
If you have played with your Mojo outside you will know what type of tracks they leave.

I have been all over the neighborhood asking if they have seen my Mojo but they seem to slam their door in my face, although I did have one kind lady ask what color is was and one gent who referred me to the local chapter of Community Mental Health.

I do not think it went there as it is a Saturday and they are closed. It is possible it went to the marina. or over to the ice shanty on the lake to look for fish.
I need my Mojo back. Otherwise I have no other choice than watching “I Dream of Jeanie” reruns on Netflix, eating endless Cheetos with re-fried beans straight out of the can, and surfing the SDMB.
Anyway, anyone else lost their Mojo today? I think I will take a nap.