Sausage Pizza Chips

Back in the depths of my childhood, my stomach and the doritos thread in CS reminds me that I used to eat these. However, I cannot remember who made them. Any ideas? Or was it a wonderful dream?

Edit: it was not Snyder’s.

Maybe Pizzarias pizza chips? I couldn’t find a good pic of them on google (or that much info, for that matter). I remember eating them as a kid, and I’m 23 now.

I’ve noticed that “pizza” flavored chips are invariably cheese pizza.

Cheese pizza is boring! Give me some meat, Frito-Lay!

Being a British person, I read that title as ‘sausage’ (i.e. a couple of proper whole sausages), with pizza (i.e. a whole one) and chips (fries)(on the side). Clearly heart attack on a plate, but then nothing surprises me in fast food paces anymore. Maybe more appealing that what you’re suggesting?

No, no, potato chips! With the flavor of sausage pizza! They were delicious! Alas, like the ketchup and dill pickle chips, they have vanished… :frowning:

Lays still makes Dill Pickle Chips, I saw them this week at Walmart

Pringle’s makes a pizza variety…not sure if they’re sausage or not.

Pizza Spins, IIRC, were corn-based.

I remember “Pizza Spins” from many years ago, (they were shaped like little spoked wheels.)
I always liked them with peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

Pizza Spins. Heh. I was in a garage band with that name back in the '70s.

Oh yuck, Pizza Spins. Now, Bugles, that’s another story.

Were the chips triangle shaped?