Scrubs 3/1

A bit more somber than most episodes, especially at the end, but still there were some definite gems. “Tugboats and arson! That’s all I ever get from you guys!” And Only Mostly Missus was laughing hardest at “I just ironed my going-out hair.” And lawdalmighty but I enjoyed seeing Heather Graham in not just one nice panty set, but two. Yeah, cheap but there you go.

I made a bet with Mostly Missus as the episode ended that Zach Braff probably directed the episode, it just felt so like Garden State. The music overlay (especially the song choice. So like Frou Frou’s “Let Go”), the unique camera work during the breakup.

Seven out of ten. Eight if I credit my libido’s input.

Crap Crap Crap

I totally forgot it was on tonight. Can someone please give me a rundown of what happened?

Yeah, those camera sequences (once with Heather Graham and once with the breakup) were interesting.

And the song choice (I liked it) at the end sounded like another one from Josh Radin. They used his “December” on the one where Jordan’s brother (Brendan Frasier) died, last season.

And how about this line…

The Todd, dispensing dating advice: “So once you’ve got the hole in the bottom of the popcorn box, it’s basically just a waiting game.”


  • JD still frustrated that Kylie isn’t giving it up for him yet. He’s eager for sex, and she’s still making him wait.

  • Turk and Carla having some relationship trouble, and she wants him to be open about isseus. Turk tells her that she makes mountains out of molehills – she reluctantly agrees and says she’ll work on it.

  • Dr. Cox pesters Elliot a bit.

  • Janitor gets on Dr. Cox’s case for messing with her, and they end up making a bet (janitor’s van vs. Cox’s porsche), Janitor saying that Elliot is going to be his girl.

  • Heather Graham’s character (Molly) shows up again, back in town for a patient that won’t respond to anybody else.

  • Turk is having long phone conversations with his college girlfriend.

  • Turk tells JD that because Kylie isn’t sleeping with him, she’s saying she doesn’t want to be exclusive. He tries to talk JD into going after Molly (which JD is already fantasizing about), saying he can “have his cake and eat it, too” by hooking up with Molly, then once she’s gone, go tell Kylie he wants to “get his exclusive on”.

  • Carla finds out about the phone calls from Turk’s ex, but Turk defuses it a bit by insinuating it’s another “mountain out of a molehill” situation.

  • Janitor tells Elliot he bet Dr. Cox that she’d go out with him, and she plays along, jumping into Janitor’s arms as Cox goes by, pretending that he’s her man.

  • While JD is on the phone with Kylie, he’s distracted by Molly, and she asks if he wants to go get a drink after work. Kylie asks if he’s coming over, and JD says he can’t (deciding to go for Turk’s “cake” plan).

  • Cox hands over the car keys, incredulous.

  • Janitor claims to Elliot that Cox didn’t pay up and says he needs to see them on an actual date. She agrees to meet him for dinner at 8.

  • Carla is steaming, and goes with Elliot, JD, and Molly to the bar for drinks. JD listens to “Mr. Peeps” (his… you know), who tells him in a British voice to get rid of the other girls. He tells Carla to go talk to Turk and share her feelings (Elliot drives her). JD stays there with Molly.

  • Elliot goes to dinner with Janitor.

  • JD and Molly are getting tipsy, and almost share a moment, where JD imagines what will happen (interesting camera shots, with fast forward and slo-mo intermixed). He backs off, apologizes, and says he should get going.

  • Janitor and Elliot get back to the hospital – laughing, having fun – where Cox asks how the porsche drove, and Elliot realizes that Janitor tricked her into the date. Cox gets his keys back. Elliot is pissed, but Janitor says, “you’re the only one who treats me like a real person”. He tells her he just wanted to pretend for that day that she liked him, and it made him feel good. She says it’s okay – she actually had a good time.

  • JD shows up at Kylie’s, and she decides it’s time, she’s ready, he’s been patient, and it feels right and feels like fate. He’s excited, and then says his usual stupid thing: “You’re right Kylie, because I was out with this girl tonight I could have totally had sex with but I blew her off because I was excited about being with you!”

  • Kylie not happy. Kylie tells him to leave. The interesting camera shots again – fast forward, slo-mo, but this time it actually was for real. JD ends up back at his place, alone.

  • Cox now has won Janitor’s van, and as other watch, Cox puts a brick on the gas pedal and throws it in drive so it smashes into a wall. Then it blows up (silly moment) – Cox laughs maniacally.

  • Back at Turk and JD’s, Turk announces he did it – cut off all ties with Rosanna forever. Carla, astounded, says “that only took 20 seconds, how did you do it so fast?” Turk says, “It was easy, I just told her I was married.” An oops moment. Carla pissed (that he never before told her he was married), and says, “Don’t worry, if you’re lucky maybe you won’t be married for much longer”. Carla storms out.

I watched the episode, and that was a spot-on recap!

Good synopsis, Monstre!

Oh, and I forgot to say how my own bet turned out. Mostly Missus won, at least by the end credits, for which Zach was not listed as first or second unit director. But I still stand by the Garden State vibe.

I need to get me a brain trust.

Though this TV Tome thread says it was Braff directing.

Thanks a lot Monstre :slight_smile:

I’m curious as to where they take the Turk/Carla thing. This one could go either way I think. I have faith that Scrubs won’t take the easy way out.

Zach Braff’s blog confirms this.

I rarely watch TV, but I’ve managed to catch Scrubs the past few weeks, and I’m reminded of how it’s easily one of the best sitcoms out there (with Arrested Development being the only other competition I can think of at the time). I love how it’s so out there, and how it manages to be poignant without being maudlin.

My favorite quote:
“Time just flies when you’re dry-humping your way through three pairs of cords.”

Me, too – they actually started setting it up an episode or two ago, one ending with Carla and Turk saying, “We’re in trouble.” After getting bored too easily in each other’s presence.

Well, I’ll admit it was spot-on because I had taped the episode, and I did manage to find the rewind button before summarizing. :wink:

(In fact, that “popcorn box” joke didn’t completely register until the second time. But… dayum!)

Yep – it was “Closer”, by Josh Radin.

If anybody’s interested, you can have a listen at
Just click on the “Media” link, and there are three song links. One of them is “Closer” (this episode), and one of them is “Winter”, which was used last season.

I also liked the line directly following the popcorn joke:

[paraphrased]: “I’d like to point out that this trick doesn’t work with hot nacho cheese.”

This episode made me feel all warm and fuzzy about the future of television… and then I was unfortuante enough to watch the first 10 minutes of “Committed.” And lo, my eyes were opened to the barren hell that is the reality of TV.

Also, are they really doing an American version of “The Office”? Why? Why not just bring over the original English one? The ad for the US one makes it sound like t3h suck.

That was the episode where they brought in a live studio audience and pretended they were part of a sitcom (at least J.D. did) wasn’t it? It was a good ep. for so many reasons.

Lots of cleavage in this episode…for those of us who are shallow like that. :smiley:

Elliott was looking hot!

Yeah, I forgot to mention that I’d really like to be in the middle of an Elliot / Molly sandwich.

Although it should really go without saying… :wink:

That one ended with JD on the couch watching sitcoms on TV, after the stress of the bad news at the hospital.

I think the Turk/Carla foreshadow was in the next one (Ep. 418: “My Roommates”). Where Turk and Carla ask JD to move out, and they try to rekindle their romance. After JD is staying elsewhere for a week, Turk and Carla realize they miss JD and are having trouble keeping themselves entertained, just the two of them. And at the end, they realize, and one of them says, “We’re in trouble.”

I’m 95% sure that he was credited as director in the opening credits. Didn’t watch the closing ones, and I deleted it off the DVR, but maybe Monstre can vaildate my memory.

Great episode, I thought. Loved Dr. Cox at the end with the unbridled glee when the Van burst into flames unexpectedly. Great, laughed my ass off. Looked like me watching March Madness :).

And the indestructible phone gimmick…pretty funny.

My only problem was this: Seriously, would anyone turn down a hot and ready Molly for a girl that’d been giving them the heisman for a month straight?!?!? Hell no.


I seemed to have combined those two episodes in my head for some reason. It was still a good episode though.

My first thought: Ah, memories.

My second thought: WTF? Three pairs?

Does that mean he’s worn out three pairs, or that somehow there’s three layers between unmentionables?