Scrubs 3/15

Now that’s the show we’ve come to know and love. A lot of recycled story lines, but I love the continuity, and I’m glad they seem to be bouncing back.

I admit, I was a bit confused when the lady didn’t get her surgery. (What was wrong with her foot? Diabetes related?) I thought I’d missed something, but when JD explained to Kelso why she didn’t have the operation, it made sense.

So, Sacred Heart frequently engages in insurance fraud? :eek:

Janitor, creepy as usual. And I guess Christa Miller is on maternity leave? Maybe Jordan will give birth during May sweeps?

I agree – a definite step up in quality.

We turned it on warily, since the last few have sucked. Pleasant surprise. And the TV lasted just long enough to finish the episode before it blew up.

Dr Cox’s response to being asked if he thought he was funny is one of my favourite Cox quotes now “I do, I always have, ever since I was little. It’s one of the reasons that I’m a winner…”.

All round, good episode, back to the good old scrubs…terrible pun intended

And Dr. Cox takes a shot at Gray’s Anatomy, and Scrubs’ voiceover as well. Nice.

And the Caveman narration, with the tinkly music that’s been spoofed on the show before.

It’s a show that’s not afraid to make fun of itself. That’s a delight.

I agree. We gave up on the show long ago, but watch it sporadically. This one was actually funny. Who was the actress with the bum foot? Where have I seen her before?

She’s Steve Martin’s girlfriend in LA Story

Victoria Tennant, also Steve Martin’s ex-wife, and starred in The Handmaid’s Tale.

(I love her - my husband was pretty impressed that I recognized her right off the bat :D).

Last night was much better. I also loved the swipe at NBC - “Why are we paying so much for scrubs?!?!”.

My daughter caught something…wasn’t there a machine where in order to get clean scrubs, you had to put in the dirty ones? Eliot was caught one day because she’d been with her boyfriend and hadn’t come to work totally prepared, so she had to strip off her shirt and stand there in bra while the machine spit out clean scrubs.

As I told my daughter…“Uh, that’s just for the interns! Yeah! Residents can steal all the scrubs they want!”

Continuity error?

Could someone tell me why she didn’t get her foot surgery? I missed that part. (I loved Elliot getting even with Cox. Beautiful.)


[spoiler]It confused me too. Basically, they were all set to arrange for her surgery, scamming the system, then Kelso, pissed about the high cost of replacement scrubs, ordered caca-brown scrubs in an attempt to keep them from walking out the door.

Next thing we know, Foot Lady is back at the park. Kelso is confused, then when he learns she didn’t get the surgery because she had no insurance, goes tearing back to the hospital, demanding to know why they didn’t do their normal Pull A Fast One routine.

JD pointed out Kelso got so pissed about the scrubs, they were afraid to slip her through the system, so they bounced her. The audience found out the reason at the same time Kelso did, which is why you and I and probably a whole bunch of other people thought we missed something.[/spoiler]

The staff felt that since Kelso didn’t trust them about the scrubs, they didn’t trust him about looking the other way.

Do I want to know how JD could tell the difference between Rowdy and Steve? :eek:

Maybe Steve is fixed?

Must be, but I would think that would be descernable visually. It looked like JD was checking Rowdy for a hernia.

If the ‘ex’ addict is simply using the class as a ruse to get more dope, how did he pass a drug test? I know he wouldn’t be pass cheating, but I think they should have mentioned something about it…

Agreed. Was the best episode of the season. I had almost written Scrubs off, but this one brought be back.

I agree, I liked this episode a lot more than the last couple of ones. Phew!