Scrubs is back tonight!

Just in case anyone was unaware…9:30p eastern on NBC!

I need these types of reminders. Thanks ivylass.

And not a moment too zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

(just kidding; JD doesn’t deserve Elliot. 'Nuf said)

Thanks for the reminder! I had no idea.

Apprently this is the final season.

I want Keith and Elliot to end up together and JD to end up with…um…

Hmmm. Anybody but Elliot. Maybe The Todd?

Hey thanks for the reminder!

I’ve been wondering when it was coming back. Instead of using teh interwebs to find out like any normal rational person would do, I was just waiting for someone on here to say! (no, seriously :D)

WTF? They don’t make Mars bars in the US anymore?? Or did I mishear that?

“She’s got a brother named Him”


I thought JD’s girlfriend lied to him about having a miscarriage? And didn’t she live far away? What happened since that??

I love Scrubs, but I have to say, I don’t think it’s possible for me to care less about Elliot and Dame Judy’s problems. They both need a heaping helping of getting over themselves. Maybe the best thing would be for them to get together, so they don’t inflict themselves on any other poor souls.

Good episode, anyway.

They ran into each other at a medical convention and she was obviously still pregnant.

The end of the episode sort of suggests J.D. getting to where you want him to go, does it not?

Elliott’s flipout, however, was kind of silly.

I don’t know why Eliot dumped Keith. This is a guy who’s been nothing but nice to her and has shown a willingness to put up with her particular brand of crazy. It appears JD is maturing, but Eliot still has some work to do.

Loved Fun-Size Intern…that voice had me rolling on the floor.

Nice to see Snoop Dog Intern is now Snoop Dog Attending, and Beardface’ got some more “face” time. :smiley:

No Jordan or Ted. Maybe next week?

And Janitor has a girlfriend!

Yes, that’s why she had to dump him. She obviously didn’t love him, she just liked pushing him around and he put up with it for some unfathomable reason. It was never a healthy relationship.

It’s “Beardface!” Why can’t you people get it right?!?
(I love the way they’re expanding this character, and his overly dramatic everything.)

Which is why I put the **’ ** after his name. :wink:

Specifically, it’s “Seymore Beardface’!”

When Cox was giving out his “awards” and JD went into his daydream, he cursed Tony Shaloub.

Did Scrubs lose out to Monk at the Emmys? If so…hee hee hee.

Can I take this? It’s because your face is like five-sixths beard.

I just got here, but it seems to me it could be because…