Scrubs March 22, 2007 - Spoilers inside!

Well, that one ended on a bit of a downer, eh?

Most shows, I’d say that Laverne will be dancing in the aisles within two episodes, but on Scrubs they sure seem to kill off lots of people…


I thought this was the funniest episode of the new season, right up until the punch-in-the-gut ending.

To be continued…

The ending was a bit of a downer, and the episode was so great up until then. All the jokes clicked. Little throwaway jokes were gold (Cox spills coffee on the floor, says “what is the reason behind that?” and JD slips in it, falling down. JD says “I’m not going to get up until you apologize,” and Cox continues to argue with Laverne, ignoring JD, who eventually gives up on the apology), and the big setpiece jokes both advanced the stories and made me snort laughing.

Oh, and we (guys) got Sarah Chalke in a flattering, attractive bra at the beginning, and hot nanny chick.

Anybody know if the actress playing Laverne is in a contract dispute?

Did anyone notice the almost halo-like glow behind Laverne when she was explining the reason for her faith to Cox? Bit of a giveaway there, I think.

The ending was a little paint-by-numbers with regards to Mrs. Landingh… I mean Laverne, I thought. Although she’ll probably recover, eventually, as part of Cox having some massive revelation.

Unless they’re going to crib the “Cox loses someone and then drinks heavily” storyline they did last year.

I thought it was a good, solid episode. I was glad to see Jordan again, and despite the abrasiveness, Jordan and Cox really work.

I did find Cox’s attempt to destroy Laverne’s faith reprehensible. As pointed out when his sister came to visit, he doesn’t have a problem with religion. So I thought what he did was cruel, and I was happy to see Laverne blow up at him at the end.

I also liked the Kelso/Eliot resolution. He did make her what she is, and I’m glad Carla helped her see that.

Can someone give me the essentials? I missed it again! Did Laverne die?!

She was in a car crash on the way to work. She’s in a coma and is unresponsive.

“To Be Continued…”


Laverne and Cox butted heads over her faith. Laverne believes that everything happens for a reason, then an 8 year old girl comes in with a stab wound. Laverne still believes that everything happens for a reason, and it turns out the little girl has a tumor that they wouldn’t have found if she hadn’t been stabbed.

Cox continues to argue with her about this, until Laverne blows up and tells him not to take it away from her, since that’s the only thing that’s gotten her through the last 24 years of nursing, seeing crack babies and abused women and whatnot, that there must be a good reason for it. Cox is abashed, and drops it, after Laverne reminds him that he and Jordan have gotten closer since she had the prenatal surgery and is confined to bedrest for the rest of her pregnancy.

Eliot was suspended by Kelso for bringing in a dying woman’s dog so she could see it one more time, and then Carla pointed out how much time and money had been invested in Eliot’s training and that she up and left for private practice. Eliot thanks Kelso for being such a scary teacher, since he pushed her to excel, and he’s the reason she’s where she is today. She then gives Kelso the dead woman’s dog, since his own dog had died.

Then, in the final hook, Cox comes in, sees everyone standing around and JD tells him Laverne was in a car accident on her way to work, and she’s in a coma and unresponsive.

Car accident. In a coma and, considering the way things worked out with the episode, she’s probably a goner.


Thank you all for the update! Wow, this season has been one colossal downer after another, starting with J.D. and Kim’s accidental pregnancy (one of my biggest fears, rational or not), and going downhill in a big way ever since.

Anyone else notice it was Laverne (Aloma Wright) singing the song at the end?

I haven’t watched the show in quite some time, but is Elizabeth Banks still on as Kim? Ever since I saw her as freaky bathtub-masturbating girl from “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” she’s been an object of drooling lust for me. Plus, I think she’s a good, intelligent actress.

But mostly just screamingly sexy.

Kim is dead to me.

Seriously, JD took a road trip to be there when she had her ultrasound, and when he got there (she’s in Seattle, I think) she told him she’d had a miscarriage.

They talk all night, blah blah blah, and decide it’s best if they part ways, since she’s so far away now.

At the end, we see her getting the ultrasound and saying, “Wow.”

Basically, she’s a bitch.

I thought so, but didn’t bother checking the credits.

So, sorta. :slight_smile:


I usually find Cox’s ______________ reprehensible, but at least he’s funny. My greatest regret is that it is the funny Laverne in a coma and not the completely unfunny and remarkably homely JD.