SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY League: Year 12

Damn I was excited seeing Marlon Mack rip off a few really nice runs and catching the ball out of the backfield.


Not even one full week into the season and I have a question about IR. With the additional spots thanks to Covid, do my players have to be on Covid/IR to use them?

Yes. 2 IR slots can be used for anyone on any sort of IR (our usual policy every year), but the additional 4 slots this year must be COVID-IR related, you can’t just stash players who are hurt unrelated to COVID since these extra slots are specifically to handle a COVID-related issues specific to this year.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a come-from-behind Monday night win.

Reverse jinx.

My last minute replacement turned out okay in the end (I still won) but I probably shouldn’t have had Slayton (25.20) in a flex slot to begin with; he should be my WR1 or 2, paired with Marquise Brown as my two main guys.

By pulling Slayton to start Akers (4.80) I sacrificed over 20 points. Ouch. Then my second mistake was leaving Jonnu in at W/T instead of moving Slayton over. At least Jonnu came through with 11.00, solid for a TE.

The irony is that I had two 20+ WRs on my bench, and they were both NY guys: Slayton and Crowder (21.00). I should start Crowder one of these days; I’ve had him forever and he occasionally puts up big numbers. Feels like never when I start him, though; sort of a James Jones 2.0 for me.

My team is Not Good. Still, it would be a lot worse if I didn’t have Drake.

It is with a heavy heart that the Gusterrhoids announce the release of Frank Gore, the last remaining player from the original 2009 team.

Gore was a huge part of the Gusterrhoids’s offense over the last decade, especially in that first season. He was a Top 5 RB with a grand total of 250.60 points in 2009, including 39.10 points in a single game, which is possibly league record.

You’ll be missed, Frank!

Well shit, I should’ve traded Baker from Ellis after his first game where he was all over the place. He woke up feeling dangerous today and now it’s too late.

Browns are gonna have a RB1 and RB2 this season. Doesn’t happen often.

Strictly in terms of fantasy value, both Darnold and Mayfield were the same in week 1 and Mayfield didn’t set the bar all that high for week 2. (Not even matching Daniel Jones’ subpar week 1.) After watching every snap against the Bengals I’m encouraged that Mayfield might not suck but can’t really envision starting him over even Jones.

I need Beckham off the Browns in the worst way. He’s killing Jarvis Landry for me. Landry was so good in Miami and with the Browns before Beckham showed up. Frustrating.

I wish Darnold would ever get good so I could be happy about a Mayfield for Darnold homer swap. What I really need is a starting QB, with Jones as my #2 like Eli was behind Big Ben for me. Burrow looks like he would have been perfect for that role except no way was Burrow falling to 2.4 for me even if Hamlet didn’t trade up to get him.

No joke. The Browns’ ground game is impressive all around.

Trade to announce:

HungryHungryHaruspex gives up:
RB Jonathan Taylor
WR Terry McLaurin
TE Hunter Henry
RB James Robinson

The Great Old Ones gives up:
RB Alvin Kamara
WR Odell Beckham Jr.
TE Zach Ertz

Because Beckham played this week, I don’t think this can be pushed through for tomorrow’s games, which is fine by me.

I’m giving up a lot of my youth here, but I’m hoping the Saquon/Kamara/Mixon trio can take me to a championship. Losing McLaurin is especially tough because he’s the best pick I’ve probably ever made in this league and I love his game so much, but I think Beckham can still be a top WR based on talent. I’m in the camp that Baker is more to blame for their recent struggles, but it’s clear something is a little off in Cleveland. Still, it’s a worthy gamble for me because he’s my 4th WR. If he becomes a top dynasty WR again, that’s golden for me. Finally, the move from Ertz to Henry isn’t much of a change in projected scores, but I like the idea of stacking my QB and TE, so Ertz was someone I had wanted for a while. He might be on the decline, or on the way out, but I have his backup so I am set there. There’s a good chance he turns it around since Wentz is his best friend and they have such a long-standing connection, especially with more help available on the outside this season to open things up in the middle. Assuming they can figure out the offense in Philly, which, welp.

Wow, I’m probably too high on McLaurin but I like him much more than Beckham. Washington is pretty thin on offensive weapons and Haskins will be thrown out there every week to see what he can do. Going forward, they’ve got plenty of holes to fill other than WR.

I can’t believe that you were willing to give away Kamara. If Taylor is anything short of a superstar you just got totally hosed. Kamara is young and highly productive, if Odell weren’t in the deal it’s make more sense. Superstar RB >= untested rookie RB and promising 2nd year WR.

@Jules_Andre you aren’t giving up a lot of your youth. Saquon, Mixon and Kamara are YOUNG. All three guys are still on their rookie contracts (none of the extensions kick in until next year).

Wild stuff.

This’ll be fun. I dropped both Frank Gore and Jimmy Graham and @Petey picked them up to start today against me. I’m going to scream if two players I considered castoffs beat me.

I figured someone would pick up Graham down the line, but I’m surprised there was a market for Gore.

Whew! I was nervous as hell about starting Conner as a flex, I know he cleared the injury list but was worried about a goose egg.

I’d also considered starting Prescott over Wilson, but in the end, I trust Wilson more and can’t depend on a trashing of the Falcons by Prescott.

With Saquon perhaps having a torn ACL, the big trade gets even more fun

Prescott puts up 43.80 fantasy points, wow. But, I just need a normal Wilson performance to get a win as things stand now.

James Robinson has been traded once in this league for each NFL game he’s appeared in.

Bad week for New York football, ouch. Jets get killed (Darnold was a garbage fire and Jones was even worse in terms of fantasy) and Barkley looks to be done for the season.

Technically I could still beat Hamlet if Darren Waller (TE, LV) scores 0.6 points or fewer tomorrow night against the Saints. Yahoo projects him at 10.65 so it’s not looking great.

Benching Jonnu for Hockenson was no bueno, as Jonnu exploded for over 20. Third 20+ skill position performance I’ve had on my bench this season, still none among my starters other than CMC, who is a 20+ performance machine. (Shout out to Kelce coming close with a 19.50 this week.)