SDMB Secret Santa Gift Exchange 2017

Hello! I’m back for my favorite thing on the Dope. Y’all ready?

I copied and pasted from last year, but we’ve been saying $10-ish for some years now. Is that still good? I think it is, since people are still free to go over if they want and postage can be a little crazy for international.

Here’s how it works:

  1. PM me. Please put your username in the subject line. In the message, include your real name, your shipping address, and whether you are willing to ship internationally.

  2. Post in this thread with some ideas for people - favorite things, colors, stuff you are allergic to, etc. You might want to mention whether you are ok with getting homemade food items.

  3. Plan to spend $10 or so, not including postage. If you want to go over, feel free, but remember that it is not expected. Please pack carefully, include your name and username, and send promptly for delivery before Christmas if possible.

  4. Post again to the thread when you have sent a package and when you have received one.

I will be keeping a running list of participants in this thread. If you have posted here and sent me a PM and your name somehow does not make it onto the list, let me know!

Please sign up by the end of Thursday, November 23 (US Thanksgiving). I will get assignments out sometime the next day.

I’m in!

I like music, clarinets, cats, and milk chocolate without nuts. I like the colour blue, but I like getting things in any colour. Something homemade or from your area would also be nice.

This is also MY favorite thing on the dope as well! (well, exchanges in general…).

Also, having done this for a good 5 or 6 years, can I just say we should/could eliminate the pricing limit? I’ve probably done the $10 thing once, and was immediately ashamed by the enormous package I received from my SS. Every subsequent gift has been way more than that as well, and I freely admit to spending more than that whenever I send.

I could easily be wrong in my assessment, and it’s just my opinion, but we could probably take out the dollar limit and the exchange would still go fine…

Ok, now that that’s out of the way!

I love me some sports, football and pro wrestling (if that’s a sport…) are the two tops, but I like em all. Anything sporty like a book or something from your hometown team works for me!

Speaking of books, I read every day at lunch, so a book about anything works. I love murder mysteries (Boris Starling, Jo Nesbo, Lars Kepler) and non-fiction behind-the-scenes type books (Late Night Wars). Frankly, for behind-the-scenes I’ve read the two late night books and that’s it. I’d love the book about SNL, or Marvel, or Sesame Street or any of those.

It’s no surprise that Mrs Cups and I love to spend the day at a theme park. So anything that would help after a long day on our feet, or something we could stick in our backpack would help.

Anything local. I don’t care what it is, if it’s local, I’ll take it.

I’m not a HUGE foody. Love candy and chocolate and I have no allergies or anything, but I’m not a huge fan of coffee or tea, my tastes are simple too, so no newfangled kale-infused lemon tarts or anything.

Other random things I like if you happen to stumble across them: video games (Mass Effect ftw), movies, comics (Marvel 4 lyfe), general geekier things, being outside, running 5ks and shit.

That’s about it. T-shirt’s a M in case you want to get me clothes and good luck! Can’t wait to see what I gets :D:D

I’m in again as well! :slight_smile:

I love nerdy things, especially Star Wars but anything fandom-y is great. I wear a T-Shirt size M… .

I also love regional things from your neck of the woods. Anything is fine, I love trying new things to eat, homemade is great too! :slight_smile: No allergies or anything… .

Generally speaking, I will most probably like everything that is unusual or strange or quirky. :smiley:

Yay for Silvorange! I’ve done two of these now and loved both the giving and the anticipation that comes with the getting. I love foodstuffs; especially local ones and/or homemade, coffee, tea, booze, anything geek, guitar, book or bicycle related. XL in t-shirts, but I’m happy with almost anything. It’s all good! I’m looking forward to this already! Also, no allergies.

Thanks again Silvorange this is one of the best parts of the Dope. Last week I was using one of my gifts from a few years ago, and thought: “I wonder when the Secret Santa Gift Exchange will start up?”. Then here it is.

I like the colors turquoise, green and purple. I am allergic to coffee and strawberries. I enjoy candles, lotions, teas, pretty scarfs, decorative hair clips and interestingly shaped bottles (either glass or plastic). I wear a 1x shirt. I would very much enjoy something from the Secret Santa’s home area.

Love to participate! Surprise me- no allergies. I like to try new things. Keep package light - postage overseas is very expensive.

Ooh, go on then! Please keep the package light though, as postage can be crazy expensive from the US, and tracking never works right once you cross the border, so don’t pay extra for it.

I’m vegetarian, but otherwise not fussy regarding food. I’m T shirt size M. I like green, purple, gardening, chocolate, coffee, weird animals (please don’t post me live -or dead- ones though) and stuff from your region.

Man, this gave me such a boost last year when I needed one … year before, and year before that too. :slight_smile:
Ok, my list: no allergies, huge nature/ecology fan (flora AND fauna) prefer cool colors (blue, green, nobody’s ever surprised about purple) prefer dark chocolate but jeebus in the end if it’s delicious I’m not super picky! :smiley:

I’m crafty* so handmade by you is highly appreciated, whatever yr hobby. Local to you is always cool - I’ve lived in Texas for years & enjoy reminders that there are other climates and lifestyles. I haz an offbeat sense of humor & not easily offended (only throwing that in b/c years ago a couple went to Alaska - he brought me a moose poop necklace, she cringed, I laughed and wore the damn thing with pride.)

I think that’s enough leads?

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tip-tapping away by phone, but why would you care?

Me, me, me! I’m in! Thanks for heading this up, Silvorange.
For jewelry, earrings or bracelets are about all I wear. Funky and local is awesome.

I would love anything homemade by you or in your hometown area. (If food, no mushrooms or pineapple, please.)

I love coffee and always appreciate a new mug.

I have both cats and dogs. I volunteer at my local shelter running a program for pit bull type dogs. So anything related to that is good.

I am a huge San Francisco Giants fan. Also love the San Jose Sharks.

10 so far! I’m glad to see so many familiar names. They’ve been playing Christmas music at work since Halloween, so I’m ready!

Sir T-Cups
The Butterfly’s Ghost

Hurray! One of my favorite holiday traditions! Thanks Silvorange!

Let’s see… I like earth tones: forest green, scarlet, amber, rust, etc. I collect brooches and antique/vintage Christmas ornaments. Anything local, homemade or handmade would be super cool. I also like things that are art deco or craftsman in style. If sending edible goodies, please no mushrooms or salmon. Love chocolate, tea and coffee.

Ooooooh!!! Can’t wait!

i’m in. as usual i will depend on the goodness of the sdmb. i have always received a wonderful gift.

1. Silvorange
2. EmilyG
3. Sir T-Cups
4. The Butterfly’s Ghost
5. swampspruce
6. Reepicheep
7. Anaglyph
8. Filbert
9. purplehorseshoe
10. Rhiannon8404
11. slightly askew
12. rocking chair

Yup, I am in. Thank you Silvorange for your efforts. SS is always a hoot!

I like food. Especially stuff we don’t have here. Please no synthetic sugars. Homemade is super. Maybe some fudge with nuts? Don’t burn yourself out, whatever I receive will be very welcome.

It is international, so keep it light. Please send via USPS. FedEx, UPS and the rest go through inspections. And if it is food and they are hungry, it won’t arrive. USPS used to have a special mailer for international. Relatively cheap. No need to spend extra dollars for fast shipping. I will enjoy it no matter when it arrives.

And thanks for playing SS!

Ahhhhh this always gives me warm fuzzies, which I’m telling everyone in order to shamelessly bump this thread for the late-Saturday-night crowd.

tip-tapping away by phone, but why would you care?

Yay! It’s time to shop for pleasing gifties. Count me in.

I love reading, cooking, gardening, playing with racecars (F1, Indycar, IMSA), cats and colorful handmade jewelry, socks, 'n crafty stuff. Regional stuff too. Allergic to wool and the color beige.

1. Silvorange
2. EmilyG
3. Sir T-Cups
4. The Butterfly’s Ghost
5. swampspruce
6. Reepicheep
7. Anaglyph
8. Filbert
9. purplehorseshoe
10. Rhiannon8404
11. slightly askew
12. rocking chair
13. harmonicamoon
14. carnut
15. TruCelt

15 in with a little over a week to go! Where are the rest of the Santas?

I’m in! I like strange foods, cats, regional items, and long walks on the beach. I don’t like ketchup, maraschino cherries, or rude people.