SDMB Virtual Dream Booth

If you feel missed out by all the dreaming going on right here about board members, post here the name of who you want to dream about, the type of dream (surreal/X rated, whatever) and we will send you a guaranteed dream tonight.

Once in a lifetime opportunity!

[sub]there’s a sucker born every minute! If they complain, we’ll just tell them that it was in an earlier sleep cycle & they forgot it! However, they may actually have their dream because they expect to…hmmm, better hire a lawyer, there could be severe trauma involved…[/sub]

So how about it?

I’m up…

Give me a surreal dream involving Arnold Winkelreid.

I want an X-rated dream starring myself, Eutychus55, UncleBeer, a travel sized tube of toothpaste, a power drill, 5 peanuts, a 2’ rubber hose, a pair of fishnet stockings, 17 packets of uncooked Ramen Noodles, 2 jars of strawberry preserves, a lighter, a copy of the June 1992 issue of “Teen” magazine, an empty coffee can, a 12 oz. bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, a can of Reddi Whip, 3 frozen tv dinners, a can of black olives, and a quart of 1% milk.

Ok, done & done…but you both have to report back on the dreams…
Silver, the dream quarter is a little low on black olives - we’ll do what we can, but it may have to be green, I’m afraid…you get a second dream for half price if that happens, ok?

EWWWW!!! ::sigh:: I suppose, if it’s okay with UncleBeer and Euty. Guys?

Well, when Silver Fire is done with him, I would like to request Euty’s presence in a dream of my own.

Along with him, I would like the dream to contain copious amounts of rolled pennies, turquoise jewelry, frozen Ore Ida crinkle-cut french fries, gardening mulch, Alphagene’s toenail clippings and 10W-30 motor oil.

I will also be requiring a twelve-sided die, a 3’ X 4’ poster of Steve Buscemi, an unstrung tennis racket, a cordless phone, a SD coffee mug and a background soundtrack of Michael McDonald’s greatest hits.

No, wait! I already had that dream. How about just Euty, naked and well-oiled? Oh, and several clean towels? Thanks!

I sleep days so at your earliest convenience, fierra!

I will not dream about Euty, I will not dream about Euty, I will not…

I’ll take one dream with fierra in a fairy costume in the middle of an enchanted forest.

I would like a Triple-X rated dream with me and Mauvaise. The dream will include a king-sized canopy bed and a torrential thunderstorm going on outside. I’d also like a side-order of hot tub, a box of Godiva dark chocolate, and this in the corner.

Since this is my dream, I’d like the door to open at some point and have Arden Ranger saunter in, wearing nothing but a rain coat (since it’s raining, of course). Just leave the coat at the door, babe, and come join the fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

I swear to Cecil, I did not pay Fierra to start this thread. Nevertheless …

Ewww … Republican cooties!

One more triumph for skinny white guys.

Is that like a zen thing?

Republicans need love too, Euty.

I want a dream with me and wyldelf: any rating is OK as long as we are together.
A winning lottery ticket would be a nice addition. :wink:

I had a very unsatisfying dream about a mod IRL. In Maragold dreamland, I think I’d like to walk into a nicely surreal Dopefest in mid-frenzy, with all the trimmin’s: vats of pudding, buckets of beer, hot wings thrown overhand into eager mouths, lap dance contests and, of course, the Boggle tournament in the back room. If I wake up with the pillow missing, though, I will never post in a dream thread again!

oldscratch, how YOU doin’?

I’ll try to whip up something with melting watches, razors slashing eyeballs, bedroom floors rising up to engulf your calves, etc… And spaghetti! Lots of spaghetti.

I’ll settle for playing a game of parcheesi against oldscratch, and winning. Send that dream over here!

Use your Psychic abilities and tell ME what I should dream, and who is in it.