Secret Santa 2011

Yup, it’s that time already.

Our traditional price limit is $10 (excluding postage). Do we want to stay with that? Up it to $15?

Stay away from NSFOIFOF (not safe for opening in front of family) gifts, otherwise anything goes.

There are two steps to signing up: posting in this thread and emailing me.

When you post in the thread, give your Santa a few hints – things you like, favorite colors, things you’re allergic to, etc.

Send your sign-up email to sdmbss11 at gmail dot com. Please put your username in the subject line. (This makes things infinitely easier for me.) In the body of the email, include your user name, your real name, and your shipping address. Indicate if you wish to ship U.S. only/Canada only; U.S. or Canada; or internationally.

I’ll keep a running list of participants in this thread. It’s up to you to make sure that you’re on that list.

When you send your gift, PLEASE wrap carefully to avoid disappointment on the part of the excited recipient. Also include a note with your username so he or she knows who Santa is!

Please post when you ship your gift and when you receive your gift – even if you’re not going to open it till 12/25.

If you sign up and later find you cannot send anything, please let me know; this will (hopefully) reduce the chances of someone being disappointed.

Sign-up deadline: 11/30/11, 11:59 PM EST
I’ll try to get assignments out within a day or so after that.

Um…I’m allergic to penicillin. :smiley:

I like surprises more than anything.


Email forthcoming.

I’m allergic to yellowjackets.

I collect keychains and am a student of history.

Oh fun. Have we done this before? I must’ve missed it completely.

I say $10 is plenty - the Justin Bieber singing toothbrush is only $9.99.

KIDDING! I will attempt to give something actually wanted.

I like things that are corny, obviously.

How 'bout a copy of ‘Frampton Comes Alive’ on 8-track?

Twicks, email sent. Thanks for doing this. Should be a lot of fun.

Well, you’d have to track down 40 of them to equal $10 worth. :smiley:

Ooh! I’m in! Sounds like fun! PM coming. And yeah, I think $10 is plenty too.

Oh… things I like:

I collect horses & meerkats. Favorite colors are blues, greens & purple. Love short, fuzzy socks. LOVE interesting ink pens & notebooks.

I’m pretty easy to please. :slight_smile:

Email sent!

I’m not very picky on gifts. I do like cows and the color pink. Something local to the sender’s area would be great too!

I’m in; will e-mail tonight.

I’m in; the e-mail’s been sent.

I would prefer something from the giver’s locale, but I have just one request: no food, please. (Coffee is ok, and always welcome!)

Thanks for putting this together!

Cool! Nice list already:


Sign up now! It’s definitely my favorite Dope tradition.

I just sent in my email. Participated for the first time last year and loved it!

I’m a married woman in my early 30s. I like cooking and gardening, and animals of all sorts. I like typical girly stuff - bracelets, etc. - but not artificial scents. Favorite colors are blues, greens & purple (stolen from PapSett) but you don’t need to feel like you have to hold to that. I do, however, have enough of a sense of humor that NSFOIFOF is fine, too. If your locale is “exotic” to a Texan, then something from the sender’s area is nice, too.

If it helps, I like gifts that have a purpose (they can be worn, eaten, burned, or otherwise used) more than tchotchkes and snowglobes.

Count me in baby!

I like books, and sports, and (don’t laugh now) stuffed animals…but only if they’re cool. I’m also a big fan of local highlights because it makes explaining to my friends where I got something and that it came from you guys. I have a shot glass collection, I like the color blue, I am a med or a large on clothing (med if it’s nice…large if it’s supposed to be comfortable) and a lot like the “local flare” type thing if it’s something I can display that’s always fun too.

All that being said I promise I’m really not that picky over things…if it’s a gift how can I be mad?

I’m in. Please Please let me play too?

I like Boston Terriers and French bulldogs. Tiny ceramic dog figures are always fun.

Detective & mystery stories/books. Or nice surprises.

E-mail sent.

Email sent!

I missed the last couple of years SS Exchanges, but I love doing it!

I obviously love hockey (Carolina Hurricanes), but any memorabilia that I would want is way over the price limit, so no hockey stuff. Unless it’s a figurine of a little mouse playing hockey. I’ve collected mouse stuff since I was 9, (31 years now!) and I love to get new mice. Mouse Christmas ornaments are a favorite. Mickey Mouse is my least favorite mouse, but I like him too.

I’m in!

I like geeky stuff, gamer stuff, cats, chocolate, and anything to do with writing (notebooks, pens, etc.). I don’t like girly stuff, and I don’t drink coffee so mugs and such probably wouldn’t see much use. :slight_smile: My favorite colors are purple, black, and blue. My family consists of my spouse and my cats, so nothing is NSFOIFOF. :slight_smile:

Sending email now!

Humm - I’m feeling a bit insecure this year - every year past I’ve tried really hard to find something my doper will like and the responses have always been luke warm. It makes me think I’m not that good a Secret Santa-er.

What to do, what to do.

@Alice, you can just send me chocolate. :smiley: I also like fabric and sewing things. I’m making some batik landscapes as of late and I really want to do something Africa-inspired. I also dig historical souveniers - an old postcard or textbook from an antique shop and I’m happy. Or from where you live! :smiley:

I really want to participate (I think I’m a good SS <back/pat>) but I’m hesitant as I have too many people who dislike me on the board. I don’t want to be a pariah or ruin it for anyone.

You know, I usually organize the White Elephant Exchange and I’ve had people mention similar worries - honestly all the times I’ve run it (8 maybe?) I don’t think anything like that has ever happened - that is, someone signs up and then sends something horrible.

I think people who sign up are a bit nicer than that.