Sgt.Bilko (tv) freaky question

I’ve just watched an old Bilko ep. and noticed something

very strange…

Behind Col. Hall’s desk is a map of Ft. Baxter detailing the usual

stuff. However, above the Motor Pool and in what looks like a

swampy area, is the designation " Gas Chamber".

I understand that swamps produce gas BUT even by '50s

non-PC standards surely this was in rather bad taste less than

ten years after the end of The Big One.

My black sense of humor went into overdrive after the initial

shock, but I had to ask myself if, all those years ago, I took no

notice of the map or it’s not always on the map.

Any old farts remember any reaction?

Any of the Bilko writers still alive?

Anyone but me even noticed it?

Or am I reading something into it that is just not there…

maybe sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Don’t most military training camps have special areas where recruits are put through tear-gas training?

Yep. I experienced CS gas in one myself. Not a very nice experience.