She spins me about

Is her name Lora, spelled like that?

Right round like a record player?

Shit, man, you know the right thing to do. It just means less nookie so you can’t do it. Welcome to humanity. You’re gonna dip your dick in the crazy.

Is it possible for you to give her your ATM password? Maybe the passwords you use for email and any social networking sites you use? That would get her to trust you.

There ain’t no sex like crazy sex.

The crazier the chick the better she is in bed, i know how hard it is to push them away. Just don’t be a dumbass and let it go beyond that.

I had one of these.

Amazingly beautiful. I mean AMAZINGLY. I could not believe a woman that looked like her would ever be interested in a man anything short of Apollo. The sexiest woman I’ve ever met, ever. Just… I mean, I can’t begin to explain it.

And craaaaaaazy. She burned every bridge she ever came to.

I got over her. You can get over them. In fact, everyone got over her - eventually everyone she knew left her behind. I suppose today she’s running through a new set of lovers, friends and acquaintances she’ll drive away. But I wouldn’t know, 'cause I haven’t seen her in 13 years or so, and if she showed up at my door I’d tell her to leave or else I’d call the cops.

I was going to suggest buying a house with her and moving in together, then inviting the rest of her family to move in, too, but giving her all your passwords is good, too.

Hell, Monkey, just marry her and have kids with her. That oughta do you up right.

Don’t forget to pay for her therapy.

You haters are just jealous of Monkey with a Gun. Like the saying goes, “Crazy in the head… crazy in the bed.”

Seriously, Monkey, why doesn’t this amazing catch have a key to your house yet?

All of this bears repeating. It is the best advice you will get on this matter.

I can’t believe that you fell for the old “hold me while we sleep” ploy.

Guys, we know you get morning wood. That’s why we want you to stay around until then.

C’mon, banging a crazy chick gets you great sex and war stories for later. Have you guys thought about adopting?

Why the fuck did you post this bullshit? Much less in the Pit. Who gives a fuck?

Yet another new year starting with lame-ass personal shit nobody cares about.
Why do people post whiny bullshit here?

No wonder the Pit has gone to shit. I demand this be moved to MPSIMS.

I’d keep banging that skank ass, if you don’t mind working through all her bullshit each time you get laid.

Make sure you are wrapping that weasel, my friend.

Has anyone suggested joint credit cards yet? She’ll be very grateful and will take good care of them.

That reminds me of a picture I saw of a gorgeous, sexy woman, but with the caption of something like “Someone, somewhere, is tired of putting up with her shit.”

Important sex toy – ear plugs. Use an iPod with the music turned WAY up whenever she’s around.

Also, see if she’ll go for being gagged as a “sexual adventure”.

As amusing as all this advice is, consider this: The time you spend on her is time you aren’t meeting the woman you should be with.

Being with this chick builds character. Women love a man with character.
He just has to be sure to talk about this chick, non-stop, if and when he gets a date with another woman.

I pit the OP for using words referring to Inara for his crazy bitch.