Sheldon + Blossom = Shark Jump?

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So what do you think?

I personally do not like the idea. The only hopeful thing is it says “Potential”

OK Bialik is so intellegent in real life she’s scary but so is her face :slight_smile:

Fuck Blossom, i had a huge crush on Six someone needs to bring her back.

But Sheldon’s too [del]gay[/del] intellectual to have sex with Mayim Bialik! Can anybody imagine Sheldon being in love?

I can imagine him giving a booty call though. [knock knock knock]Woman! [knock knock knock]Woman![knock knock knock]Woman!

Now a romance twixt him and Leonard’s mom (Christine Baranski) might be worth watching.

You’re not wrong, there were only two reasons to watch Blossom:

If You were a boy: “Six”

And if you were a girl: Joey


I vote for more story hooks. She can hang around. Also, Mayim Bialik!

You can occasionally make jokes about Sheldon interacting with a woman, and I could see contriving a reason for him to go on an actual date (say, his mom set it up). So one or two episodes, I’m OK with. But there’s no way there’s enough material there to do it on a regular basis, and if she’s going to be recurring, you’d need some excuse to get her out of the picture when you don’t want to make jokes about it.

I think it’s a good idea, if only because this is a show that is always running the risk of falling into an annoying pattern. Lately, it’s been the Sheldon and Penny show. Leonard has been reduced to ‘the guy who looks exasperated all the time’. The show’s seriously in danger of falling into a rut. It’s still a great show, but there are warning signs appearing.

So sure, mix it up, bring another girl into the mix. I think Parsons can make it work. I can imagine something like the girl giving him an unexpected kiss, and then have 15 minutes of Sheldon analyzing it, thinking it’s weird and unhygienic or whatever, then slowly realizing that he actually enjoyed it. End the season with a second kiss and having Sheldon say something like, “It would appear my earlier analysis of human oscular modes of affection was seriously flawed…”

I have to wonder what sort of woman would be compatible with Sheldon.

If you were a woman the reason to watch was Ted Wass. I crushed on him in Soap also.

BTW, I think Mayim Bialik is cute.


Leonard Nimoy in drag. (I checked to see if his daughter is an actress but, alas, she’s a rabbi; Sheldon wouldn’t date a religious person- plus she’s married.)

I couldn’t be arsed to click the Joey link, but there’s no pics in the Six one. In the spoiler box below I have provided some.

Skald, I take back a few of the things I’ve called you over the years.

Wow, Six is a ten.

Even the nerdiest of nerds hook up. That’s how they reproduce.

You misspelled "eleven.’

I remember seeing her on some sitcom called The Parkers a few years back. There was a running joke about her inability to keep a boyfriend and her general unattractiveness that made me go :confused: every time.

But Sheldon’s not just a nerd. He’s a specifically asexual nerd. That doesn’t mean he can’t change his mind, but it could very well be character-breaking for him if it isn’t handled right.

Because of that, I think it’s silly to vote until we at least see the episode.

Something like Sheldon methodically experimenting with courtship and sex with a woman; then doing the exact same thing with a man just to compare? That might be interesting.

I like an assexual Sheldon. the thing I don’t like is the use of Mayim Bialik. In real life she has a PhD in neuroscience, so this is an attempt at driving the ratings up.

While currently the Big Bang Theory is the number one comedy, having pulled ahead of Two And A Half Men, in terms of overall ratings it pulled into #14 currently and if it gets a big enough boost, may be the first sitcom to pull of a top ten year end rating in a long time.

If Sheldon has to have a girlfriend, or even a boyfriend, I would like it to be other than a ratings stunt

I put “don’t know” because whether this is a wonderful or terrible idea will depend greatly on the execution. So I’ll wait and see…