Shelob in Return of the King(click here for pic)

Ha, ha. It is from the LOTR labs, but is just a tiny model. I suppose this is spoiler for those of you who haven’t read the Two Towers.

Frodo: To Cirith Ungol!
Sam: To Cirith Ungol!
Gollum (aside): It’s only a model.
Sam: Sssssh!

Very funny! :slight_smile:

Oh, to see the last child of Ungoliant to trouble an unhappy world!

Oh, to see the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch deployed!?

Given how they did Gollum, the real problem with Shelob is going to be finding someone with six arms to wear the motion capture suit.

To the tune of ‘We’re Knights Of The Round Table’
I’m the daughter of Ungoliant,
I dance whenever I’m … erm … defoliant … uh …

Bah, screw this.

At first I thought Richard (it looks like Richard) was holding an E.T. that had fallen down.

Finagle – THREE people will be tied together and act as Shelob.

I’m glad to see that she looks nice and fat and as she should, and not spindly or skinny like a black widow. Wonder if we’ll see some guts spew?

Well, I looked at it, and it looks like a big spider. Someone who’s read the books mind telling me who Shalob is (At first I thought Tony Shalob had a part in the movie).

You take it, QtM.

Shelob is a big spider. Well, for all intents and purposes, anyway.

Daughter of Ungoliant, lives in Cirith Ungol, big and nasty and evil. At the end of the TTT movie, Gollum talks about letting “her” take care of things – he’s referring to Shelob.

In Return of the King, she

had let Gollum go because he promised to bring her food. Gollum intends for Shelob to munch on Sam and Frodo, and then he’ll take his Precious back. Shelob incapacitates Frodo with her venom, but Sam pokes her with the sword Sting and blinds her with the Light of Galadriel, and then drags Frodo off while Shelob retreats to the depths.

… And Ungoliant is the evil spider-shaped accomplice of Melkor, the Original Dark Lord.

(I know it’s a spider. At first glance though, it looked like a fuzzy ET.)

Refresh my memory. Why is it again that Shelob has a little, black top hat perched on her back?

She’s a one-spider chorus line, that’s why. Four legs kicking at once.

*So, all we’ve gotta do is put these fishnets on that huge 15-foot-tall spider, right?

Yeah. You try it first.*

Yes, especially if they find someone with six arms, they are going to need another person to do the other two arms. :slight_smile:

I want to see her sing ‘Tits and Ass’ from A Chorus Line

Hey, from a different place on that same website we get a glimpse of the Mouth of Sauron, too:

Sauron’s Flunky

Sheesh - use some chapstick, would you, MOS?

Silly person. Six arms plus two legs = 8. Although you could go for any of the other combos, e.g. three arms and three legs. In an event, the Screen Actor’s Guild is going to have to dig deep to find someone :slight_smile:

Actually, what they need to find is a set of conjoined twins: four legs and four arms.