Should Trump go to Kenosha?

I hope he goes somewhere warmer than Kenosha.
Someplace further “South”.


Hey, it hit 84 degrees here in Wisconsin yesterday!

(I get what you’re saying, and I agree).

Was it in Kenosha where he staged that fake photo-op with a previous owner of a business that got destroyed?

Also in Kenosha, he claimed to talk to the Floyd’s pastor. “We don’t have a pastor.”

The hits just keep on coming!

I thought I mentioned that in my previous post, I know I typed it, I must have edited it out (or I posted it in a different thread), but yes, that’s where he did that.

With all the expense and trouble of a presidential visit I’m not sure they can really travel anywhere anymore. I remember a few years ago vice president Gore was travelling in a motorcade thru St. Louis and how much a mess it made because they had close off the interstate.

That sure hasn’t slowed down Trump’s golf trips to NJ and Florida. At least in Kenosha, he wasn’t billing (bilking?) the American public by staying at his own place.