Shut the FUCK up Red Sox [and any other team] fans!

Count your fucking blessings and quit your whinning!!!
Before you attack me, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, FUCKING PLEASE! CONSIDER THIS: The Milwaukee Brewers haven’t been in the play-offs since 1982!

Jesus Fucking Khrist! I have 3 kids! The YOUNGEST turned 19 last June! None of my children have EVER seen their team in the Play-offs! Never! Never ever! Not once! Not really even fucking close!!!
To make it worse, every time we buy something here, we get the privilege of paying an added sales tax so those fucking rich jerks could have a quarter billion dollar stadium to lose their games in!

Add in the fact that we have to deal with the fucking asshole Selig family, and I think you’ll all agree, we here in Milwaukee have a LOT more to gripe about than anyone, in any other major league city does!

This is really more of a rant against the MIlwaukee Brewers than anyone on these boards. But recent threads helped inspire it!

Dude, have a couple Millers and a brat.

OK, I hadn’t realized that it had been that long. I just looked at my World Series ticket stub - Game 5, Section 3, Row 17, Seat 5. Robin Yount hit a home run in the seventh.

You haven’t been back since then?


Damn! I was all set to give you high fives…and then you went on and on about your team!

Personally, I’m not into sports, but I understand those who are. What I don’t understand is guys who act like they have ANYthing to do with a win. And, of course, totally second-guess the team when they lose…like THEY could do it.

You know what? I don’t understand sports fans…

With the Sox and the Cubs, it’s sort of a “when bad things happen to good people” kind of deal.

The Brewers, on the other hand, are owned by Satan, so they deserve it.

You’re right…you don’t understand us. You see, the Dodgers win because all us Dodger Faithful put our minds and wills to it, and they succeed. Unlike the Giants, who just suck! :smiley:

Don’t fret…the season will be over in a week. Then you can start the chant “Maybe next year…”

But I don’t worship Seli…uh…:D…I mean Satan!
I Don’t deserve this!
But there’s really nothing I can do about our situation!

Oh, yes there is.

You can root for the Mets.

We get the best of both worlds. The agony of being second-best, the crushing feeling of failure after fifty or so inept ownership moves in a row, etc. But you also get the improbable playoff run every once in a while. That keeps your hopes up, and also allows you to lord it over the fans of lame teams like, oh, say, the Brewers.

I can arrange to have a t-shirt sent to you, if you like.

Heh. Did you mean whining or winning? Both would work here.

What good people?

Let’s see, Milwaukee may be one of the poster children for recent incompetence, but near as I can tell, Milwaukee has been to the World Series 3 times since the Cubs have. Since sports joy and bragging rights inevitably come down to championships, I’ll kindly ask you to pipe down.

And really, we all have to deal with the Selig family. I weep for the Brewer fans who have no hope of escaping their bungling ways, but at this point all of us bear a little of the burden of dealing with Bud.

A non-political thread in the Pit, how quaint.

Somehow, someway, this is Dubya’s fault. :slight_smile:

Personally, I think it’s a pack of lies told by the swift-boat vets.

Exactement. The Mets: they may suck, they may rock, they may do both in the same season and then turn around and take it all. Either way, you know it’s gonna be interesting. So…

Let’s Go Mets!

What he said. Go Blue.

The Brewers were in the W.S. once, 22 years ago in 1982, the last year they got into post season play. They had been in the playoffs in 1981, but only because a strike split the season.

When you say “Milwaukee” are you including the Braves? If so, they don’t count because there isn’t any Milwaukee Braves! That’s another bad thing that happened to us: Our ball team packed up and split!
When it comes to baseball, Milwaukee really gets the short end of the stick!

I’d say they got the short end of the stick with everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wrote Milwaukee because I meant Milwaukee. As a city you have had 3 World Series appearances. The joys of those were all fully experienced by the city with no knowledge that a team might be leaving so you get credit for the appearances.

Heck, I could argue that the Brewers packed up and split based on how little they currently resemble a decent team.

Don’t you have a beachball to toss around or something? This is a baseball thread.

Too bad Harvey’s Wallbangers couldn’t outlast my mighty Cards. I was there, Game 7. I was 12. That’s the last time my team won the World Series.

Of course, we’re on pace to have the best record in Cards history, so I can’t complain.