Shut Up And Eat

I was just reading about vegans and dinner party problems. You don’t want to eat meat? I respect that. What really pisses me off though are the insane calorie counting bitches. Some men, but by far mostly women, who have never been off of a diet in their God Damn lives.

I invited a certain young woman over for a romantic dinner. Understanding that some people have allergies and others have moral issues I asked if there was anything she had a problem with and she says no. I went all out, and I love to cook. I made my best “impress the lady” meal Crab Mornay. We have the shrimp coctail appetixer: fine. Things are going really well and we talk while I finish cooking. She sees me poor a pint of cream into the sauce I am preparing and says, “I can’t have that, do you know how many calories are in that?”

I said I didn’t and she actually told me, “That’s as many calories as two candy bars (she knew this without reading any labels), I’d much rather have two candy bars than that.” That one really hurt. I made her spaghetti, and the Petite Pots du Creme au Chocolat was right out.

I can understand if you want to eat healthy, good for you, but splurging once in a friggin while ain’t gonna kill you. Are you so damned ashamed of your own body that you must constantly work to change it to something it was not meant to be and will never be? A little meat on you bones, or on your plate, won’t kill you so fuckin shut up and eat.

Hi. My name is Auntie Em. I am a Calorie Nazi.

I am one of those people who knows the calorie content of about seven million foods by heart (without reading any labels). On most days, I keep a running tally of my calorie consumption in my purse.

That said, hell, what are other people for, if not an excuse to indulge? I spend Friday nights with my mom (dinner’s on her, and the way she cooks, Honey, it’s GONNA be off-the-charts fattening; last Friday she didn’t want to cook, and so bought us KFC), and the rest of the weekend with my SO, and I’d probably be disappointed if either one of them insisted on respecting my diet! :wink:

I think that your date could have taken a small portion of what you had prepared (and you’re right; a little splurge wouldn’t have killed her–so, she does an extra 5-10 minutes on the Stairmaster on her next few visits to the gym), given that she had not specified any low-cal needs.

And what she said to you, about the candy bars, was in my opinion inexcusable behavior as a guest (but, then, if you two have been dating for awhile, maybe that element of decorum has gone out the window right along with trying to control gaseous emissions).

Anyway, more importantly . . . got any of that dessert left? :smiley:

Ditch her. Any knowledgeable date would have known that 45 minutes of vigorous sex would offset the cream. I won’t even mention that she’d likely limit your exposure to oral sex based on the caloric intake.

So, was nookie off the menu as well?

I hope you never go out with that woman again! She is rude and her behavior seems indicitave of an obsessive-compulsive person.

Man! When I first started dating my Peanut, he had me over to cook dinner for me. Although what he cooked was healthy and low-fat, I didn’t know that going in. I wasn’t sure what he was going to be making.

But for heaven’s sake, I wouldn’t have chastized him on it! There are times and places for letting people know you’re interested in good health. When they’re trying to impress you with a great meal ain’t it!

I don’t know that I’d necessarily ditch her over it, but flight you have my sympathies. That probably wasn’t the best way she could have handled it.

What a bitch! She could have mentioned to you when she knew you were cooking that she was on a low calorie plan or just shut up and eat some- “I’d rather have two candy bars?” OK, RUDE. Holy crap.

Got any leftovers? I’ve got some extra meat on my bones, but I wouldn’t mind me some Crab Mornay and Petite Pots du Creme au Chocolat.

Wow! That was rude of her! Especially since you apparently asked her if she needed anything special, and she could have said something like, “well, you know it’s not always easy to stay slim. I try to eat low-fat when I can”, and maybe you could have had a discussion. Or, she could have simply limited portion size. And to say she’d “rather have two candy bars” than what you were cooking especially for her? Very, very rude!

She’s lucky you didn’t reply “Yeah? Here’s a buck-fifty. There’s a vending machine at the gas station two miles south…” as you opened the front door.

Wow. WHat compassion. What understanding!

SHe was freakin honest with you. She woulda rather had a candy bar THAN what you made.

You don’t like des honesty?

Sure sure, it was brutally honest, but it’s honesty nonetheless.

ANd how the hell do you know she doesn’t have body issues stemming from an eating disorder or traumatic event?
Yeah whatever, you made some food for someone who didn’t like it. That’s life. Big deal. You could CHOOSE to use this experience as an opportunity to become more sensitive and compassionate, ANd find other ways of showing your affection besides cooking.

What one chooses to PUT or NOT PUT inside their body, whether it be cocks, food, liquor or drugs… is something you have no legit right to bitch about when you hardly know them.

Yup, pretty much what I’d have said.

Mith… although I’m new here, that certainly sounds like something JerseyDiamond would say. And that’s not always necessarily a good thing. Sure, it was honest. But umm… tact? You didn’t get that memo, right? It was just a fucking inconsiderate thing to say. And FTR splurging once in a while won’t kill you. So it was a whorish thing to say, honest or not. No one’s talking about the honesty, so try to stay on topic.

[Apu]Thank you, come again![/Apu]

Um, while I agree she was totally rude and a bitch, being rude does NOT mean one is Obsessive Compulsive, and I’ll thank you not to use that as an insult.

Actually, I have a friend that insists on quoting the WW Points on every damn item I put in my mouth, which drives me nuts.

“Oooo - that chocolate bar has 8 points!” “Slice of pizza - 5 points” etc. etc.

Really - shut up. I don’t care.

That being said, Mith, weight watching is no excuse for rudeness. I have more food issues then a touring pack of gymnasts but I sure as hell wouldn’t tell my host that I’d rather eat chocolate bars.

She was rude, period.

I don’t really diet. I just use common sense when it comes to eating. I don’t go for low-fat or low-cal items, I don’t drink diet soda. I work out and try to watch the carbs. It seems to work for me. I’ll tell you what though, if someone made me that fabulous dinner I would have eaten it with a smile on my face. A guy who can cook like that? That’s a dream come true. Screw the diet. You need a lady who can appreciate the sensual nature of that kind of meal. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

If you can never have fun food, you’re destined to fall off your diet. You HAVE to allow yourself some “bad” days.

I’d give her one more chance. If she balks at pie, send her home.

Sheesh, what an incredibly rude and ungrateful person. Sounds like you dodged a bullet.

So, uh, you got any leftover crab? :slight_smile:

Mith, flight wasn’t pissed about what went into her mouth, he was pissed about what came out of it. Diet or no diet, what she said was just plain rude and uncalled for.

Flight this person (I can’t bring myself to call anyone this rude a lady) may not be OCD, but she sure as hell is a controlling bitch.
My suggestion is to run fast and run far.

Life is too short to waste it spending time with people who would rather eat two chocolate bars than what sounds like a gourmet meal. And have the bad manners to tell you that to your face, while you’re cooking her said gourmet meal. Find another lady to cook for; one who is comfortable enough in her own body to actually eat, you know, food.