"site under construction?"

I recomended this board to a friend long ago, and since she never showed up, I figured she didn’t want to join. I talked to her recently, and she mentioned that she’s been trying, but every time she goes here she gets the message “this site is under construction.” Anyone have any idea why, or how to help her get here?

There’s a chance she hit a typo and got straigtdope or some such, which turned out to be a kid’s “contraband” web page he hasn’t finished yet.

Also, some places glom onto typos of famous sites, hoping the famous sites will pay them to get control of it.
When I tried some of the obvious typos, I got nothing, but when I tried cecil.com I found a place Mailbank.com that seems to have premptoraly parked on a lot of first names, which they now offer for sale.

Nawp, I sent her the link http://www.straightdope.com which from a preview, works fine. I think I sent her a direct link to a thread, once.

Its a mystery… :slight_smile:

You know, I’d bet she logged on at a time when the board part was down and then she couldn’t get past the homepage.
Maybe send a link to that http://boards.straightdope.com

Does she try to log on every day at 3:30am?

Interesting point: 3.30am US time is 8.30 pm Australia time.

It sucks.

Hrm… I don’t think so evilbeth. But I’ll ask. Thanks.

She might have just been being kind to you.
I’ve mentioned Straight Dope to a few people who never got past the name, thought it was drug related. Or saw one of the of the grosser cartoon with bodily fluids splashing all over and decided to pass. Go figure.

tshirts, I think she read the books, so she knows about the name, and the body fluids thing would just apeal to her!