Six Feet Under 08/08/04 anyone? SPOILERS


I liked how the scene between Claire and … uh, Mena Suvari played out, and that they seemed to wind up still being OK with each other.

The tree scene between Ruth and George was one of the best so far between those two, especially because, for once, there was no subtext to what Ruth was saying: she was out-and-out angry and hurt and used factual language to get her point across to George. Of course, she won’t stick to that, but it was still nice.

Have Nate or Brenda changed or grown ONE IOTA since the beginning? Jesus Christ, what a pair of self-absorbed – and boring – assholes. I loved it when Joe told Brenda off. He pulled no punches and said everything necessary.

Vanessa and her sister beating the crap out of Infinity’s car was a satisfying scene, too.

All in all, good episode.

P.S. I just learned yesterday that the next new episode of The Sopranos won’t air until 2006. Damn, that’s a long wait.

Someone beat you to it:

… and I thought I read so carefully. Thanks for the heads up.