Slacker-shaming MMP

**peedin **- down is easy - gravity helps you the entire way! Sometimes faster than others. :wink:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up, ok been up for a while, caffeinated, and brekkied, so no YAWN ‘Tis 36 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 67. ‘Tis also sunny out. I am takin’ a break from cave defilthyfication. Yeah, I know how to spend a day off irk. Anywho, I have cleaned off the back porch, taken the blower to the garage and driveway, dusted da cave, and cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. I still need to vacuum and mop, which, oddly enough, are two chores I don’t mind doin’, as I don’t hate doin’ those two chores as much as I hate other chores. Oh, and I changed the sheets on the bed. I don’t have to cook as tonight is men’s night over to the church house so yay for that.

Ok, gonna surf a little more then get the rest of the defilthyfication done.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

You’re getting awfully cranky in your old age.:stuck_out_tongue:

Up, and caffeinated. Working till midnight, so I gotta miss the hockey game tonight. It’s supposed to be nice and near 60 all week(if you don’t like the weather in N. C., just wait 3 hours).

Congrats, Wetone!

Well FCM – since I don’t start work until 3pm, I figure this is like 6am to 4am for me. So hit the snooze alarm and relax already :smiley:

I hereby declare da cave to be all spiffy and defilthyfied. Now I need to defilthyfy as in shower time shortly.

Yeah, and you can bite my big toe! :stuck_out_tongue:

Decision time - do I make myself a sammich or grab something to eat when I run my errands? Decisions, decisions…

Bought a few shelf-stable snacks (jerky, mini microwave popcorn, etc.) and neatly packed them to take with me. Even remembered to include an extra pair of craptastic scissors to bring to the office (because even craptastic scissors are better than no scissors) and left them … on the counter.

Oh, well, at least I remembered my chilled/frozen lunch instead of leaving THAT sitting out all day!

Jerky tomorrow. Frozen TV dinner today.

Jealous! Wildly jealous of all those off work today. :wink: Especially those who are taking care of their home-icile: Swampy, Mooom, I’m lookin’ at you. I don’t s’pose y’all make house calls to the wilds of Illinois? It’s not even below freezing today, I promise! :cool:

I’ll even start next week’s MMP if you’ll help me with the Hovel (my home-icile)… :smiley:

I decided to wash a second load of laundry. Not quite enough dirty clothes for a third load.
Although I could always throw in a few hand towels.
They can wait though.

I should be up doing something while waiting for the clothes to dry.
There’s still a few boxes that need unpacking. Something always needs dusting.
As long as I’m outta here by 3 all should be good.

Has anybody here had any experience with spin dryers?
My little dryer takes so long )hour+) to dry a load, I wonder if a spin dryer would pay for itself by shortening the dryer time?

By the time the West Coast crowd are awake, you eager Easterners have the ball rolling. :slight_smile:

Bit grumpy this morning. Day off, should be able to sleep in, right? Not according to building management, which wants to take a quick look at plumbing fixtures throughout the complex sometime between 0900 and 1600. Thus, we both had to be up and dressed (one bathroom can only be accessed through the bedroom), and at least one of us has to be hanging around until they’ve been and gone. Makes it a bit hard to do much else with my day. Can’t start a project I can’t drop at the ring of a doorbell, etc.

Don’t you have Higgs for that?:smiley:

At least maintenance is now here, so I’m getting the rest of my day back. Not sure yet what I’m going to do with it, other than some errands (just got a text from the pharmacy that DH needs to have a prescription refilled, texted back the code to go ahead and refill, so we’ll probably be needing to pick that up).

I went to a bunch of stores and the bank this morning and then got home and ate lunch and the rest of the cake.

I then got caught up on Internet stuff.

Still so much to do today.

Slacker! I resemble that!

Of course, I could start the MMP before I go to bed, being a West Coastie and all. I’ll try to remember next week. And next week someone else will already have done it. Humppph!

Let’s see. Moanday, Moanday. The kids have the day off. I do not. My parents, also known as childcare (their idea - I promise!), are going to a basketball game, so I am working from home today. So far, all is quiet. Soon, very soon, there will be rumblings:

Mommy, we’re bored.


I’m on the phone. Go watch a movie.

We don’t want to watch a movie

(really? they always want to watch a movie unless I’m on the phone)

Go play with the neighbors.

They won’t let us be the dragons.

Well go do SOMETHING else, that doesn’t involve injuring yourself or burning down the house. I AM ON THE PHONE!

Yep, I love working from home with the kids!

Back from erranding. It was sunny and clear when I left. It’s overcast and dreary again. Stoopit weather!

I decided to have lunch at Arby’s - their french dip sammich is OK, except for being on a soft roll instead of a crusty one. I was going to stop in the Credit Union to verify some account info, but I forgot they’re closed today. So, tomorrow.

Poke chops for supper. I should probably dust now. But I don’t wanna…

Mooom, some of us are too busy taking up the slack from 7:00pm-11:00pm CST to be up early enough to start the MMP. :smiley:

Baker, isn’t it a bit early in the year for fruitcake, even considering the “soak” time? :stuck_out_tongue:

WTG, wet one!

I have a lot on my desk today, but I like that better than boredom.

What am I, Missy; Scotch mist? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I wake up early, I suppose, being a born slacker (I started off two weeks late, and I’ve not got much better since). I generally get rudely awoken by the binmen on Mondays though, come to think of it, so I suppose I could start a MMP if the slacker comment wasn’t absolutely true, as Moanday is my day off.

We has actual sun today; OK, still a little chilly, and last night’s frost hung around all day in the shade, but sun nevertheless. It’ll freeze again tonight too.

Picking up the slack for you, at ECHL game right now. 3 tix. (4th row on the blue line), parking (free), & lunch all for <$60! :slight_smile:

The sun is back out, dusting is done, pellet stove refilled with pellets.

Go me! :smiley:

DeathMistress is that “recipe” similar to the Baldwin Sisters recipe? :smiley:

I’ve been to the grocery sto’ for some foodstuffs and :eek:Wally*World:eek: to get some tshirts, unders, and some socks for OYKW and myself. Yes, I buy him unders. Boxers to be exact.

We have a motion on the floor…

All in favor of sunny startin’ us off next Moanday say “AYE.”


All those opposed [del]sit down and shaddup[/del] say “NAY.”


The “AYES” have it. Sunny shall start us off with [del]an assortment of bagels, fruit, and schmeer[/del] tales of well, whatever she comes up with, cause like it matters, we’re just gonna hijack it to heck and back.

It’s nice to have these things settled early.