Slacker-shaming MMP

Siegfried is forging the sword “Nothung”.

Word has it, he will be looking for Swampy and his damn wabbit jokes. :dubious:

Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is my first weekday off in, I dunno, three weeks. I’m in track pants and a T-shirt and debating whether I want to take a shower and put real clothes on, or if I just want to stay as-is to go to the sto’ and stuff.

[proud momma braggin’]The sprog managed to survive a winter camping trip! He had to sleep on the ground in a tent and help cook and everything. The scoutmaster said he did very well, and the sprog had the time of his life. Of course, when he came home, he and his clothes were covered in soot and smelled like he’d been rescued from a house fire. I have to take them to the laundromat pretty soon to de-soot them.

He also got his picture in the local paper for winning his class geography bee. He’s a smart kid, that one. Takes after his mother. :D[/proud momma braggin’]

I think it’s naptime, then time to clean the car out, get some groceries, and wash the sprog’s clothes.

Right then - I shall start the MMP! This, unless I get really ambitious, will also be my FIRST EVER THREAD on the SDMB. I post, but I’ve never er, gotten up the nerve, that is gotten around around to starting a thread.

A big week. Champagne for everyone! Or what Lawrence Welk said. Or something. I’ll think of of a topic. No pressure. No pressure at all…

And the kids have already managed to get in a fight. My daughter started it by slapping kid 2 when he found her in hide and seek and then burst into tears when I called her on it. I’m going to need help (and beer) on this teenage thing.

The other day she burst into tears and fled the dinner table because we didn’t ask her first how her day was. Can I get a hall pass for the next 5 years? One second she’s normal, and the next second, I don’t know what the next second is.

Except it’s pretty funny afterwards. I am a bad, bad mother. I swear the sitcom script is writing itself.

Sari, first step is to get the dryer vent system cleaned out.

Supper is cooking, slowly. Poke chops, 'shrooms-n-onions, cauliflower, rice. **FCD **is in the basement sanding the gas tank, getting ready to prime and paint it. Most of the laundry is done - I had to put a few pairs of the heavier jeans in the dryer to finish.

Dark is beginning…

Slacker checking in here. I irked a half day on Sat but yesterday and today nada. Nothing. I did wash my sheets but have not made the bed yet. I have emptied and reloaded the dishwasher and opened a beer:dubious:

We have AUDITORS this week. I am not ready. I am still trying to get organized from swapping offices in October. I don’t have anything to fear from the AUDITORS compared to other programs but I want it to be perfect. Anything less is failure.

So, since the AUDITORS will be here this week and maybe next that means I can’t or shouldn’t bring Lucky Louie to irk. I already have separation anxiety. Maybe I’ll just bring him anyway. :eek:

Our WX continues to be delightful. No complaints there.

Dooogggiioooo. So sorry about Bella. Sending hugs.

MsRobyn - I went winter camping with the Girl Guides (Canadian Girl Scouts), but we cheated and stayed inside in a heated cabin/dormitory thing. We did do quite a few activities outside in the snow, though.

**Butters **- put a little vest on Lucky Louie and tell the AUDITORS he’s your service animal! :smiley:

Some free advice for all of you - don’t buy dollar store poke chops, no matter how normal they look. I got a couple - boneless pork loin, which is how I DIY our chops anyway. They were a buck each for 4oz. slices. But they weren’t very good. I’m guessing they came from slightly irregular pigs. I gotta wait for Food Lion to have their Poke Loin sale and slice up my own.

I watched a you tube video on how to embroider letters on crocheted items - so glad I did! It was so much easier and prettier than what I was trying to do. So yay!! I shall spend the evening embroidering the conversation heart coasters.

Good times!

And since there’s something we want to see coming on in 15 minutes, I’ll be signing off for now.


Ugh! It took almost 3 hours to get to the armpit. I don’t know what the problem was, bumper to bumper stop and go for almost two hours and two damn trucks in the left lane. I guess they didn’t see the big signs that say no trucks left lane. Or maybe they are special snowflakes that don’t have to follow the rules.
Can’t blame them for holding up traffic but when it opened up they couldn’t get out of their own way.

My head is pounding
I want to take a nap but I was already late logging in to irk.
Rt 70 has to be one of the most boring roads to drive.

Alien the vent is clean, it’s a small dryer and not very powerful I guess.

Are those the guys in the Harry Potter movies that fly around in black robes and zap folks?

We don’t “soak” our fruitcake, sorry!:smiley:

And we usually do it around this time of year, because the holiday season is so hectic.

Mom and I made sixteen varying in size fruitcakes today, with the ingredients, prebake, weighing nearly 24 pounds. They smelled wonderful. All are cooled and wrapped and in the freezer.

The recipe is at least 73 years old, it came from a newspaper in Buffalo, New York, in the early 1940’s. Who knows how old it was when submitted?:stuck_out_tongue:

Butters, we auditors’ bark is usually worse than our bite. :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll do fine.

Mooom, are you using the whipped running stitch?

I swung through B, B&B to exchange the CO2 cartridge for my SodaStream, then picked up a salad at Wendy’s for supper because I really didn’t want to cook. Now it’time to call Dad.

They’re not really sisters, you know … :wink:

Wait – there are Jesuits in Harry Potter???


Er, I mean, would you be so kind as to post the recipe?

Howdy Y’all! Home from men’s night over to the church house. 'Twas a great time as usual. Good company. Good food. Good times.

Rockin’ yay for the sprog!

Butters tell the AUDITORS (DUN!DUN!DUN!) that Lucky Louie is the compliance officer and to address all complaints to him. :smiley: He’s a chee-hoo-ah-hoo-ah so he’ll either snarl or lick himself in reply.

Ok, time for beddy bye here, so I leave y’all with this thought…

Don’t trust atoms, they make up everything.

Nitey Nite Y’all!

Are IR pigs like Blinky is to normal fish?

I thought the only thing that made fruitcake bearable was the soaking. :rolleyes:
Chicken fettuccine alfredo (w/ homemade sauce (not that it’s that tough to make) for dindin. The best part was my drink. For whatever reason, chocolate milk is cheaper than regular milk; there’s also a container of raspberry syrup in the fridge, so I had chocolate-raspberry milk whilst I was cooking. :slight_smile:

Intriguing. Go on…

We need to talk. :dubious:

Might I suggest Bailey’s with that chocolate milk? Just a thought.

You are a very sick man.

If I had some that was any good; mine curdled. :frowning:
Two pots & a pan simultaneously is too much for boozin’. However, now that it’s done, I’ve partaken on some domestic Jaegermeister that I brought home from Germany last year.
What’s the difference between Jaegermeister & Vicks Formula 44D? Seriously, is there any difference?