Smallville fans: just what IS so great about Lex & Clark, anywhistle?

In this thread on good and bad onscreen chemistry, several posters have nominated the dynamic between Lex and Clark as the most interesting thing about the TV show Smallville. Since I’m one of said posters, I won’t argue, but I do have an issue with persons who talk about Lex/Clark slash – i.e., seeing the interaction as being as subtexty as Xena and Gabrielle. Admittedly I haven’t watched the show in years, but I don’t see it that way at all. Does anybody want to explain why they say it that way?

Dunno. Can’t really explain it. Possibly the idea is really, really hot. :wink:

Seriously, I think Clark / Lex slash has numerous possibilities for the characters–angst, depth, emotional crisis, even moments of humor and happiness. It’s a really interesting, messed-up, complicated relationship, and the slash just adds new layers.

You mean, other that the sweaty muscley staredowns with flared nostrils wherein they look like they just want to rip each others’ clothes off and have wild monkey sex on Lana’s bed? Oh, nothin’, really. :smiley:

It’s not subtle at all. They just look at each other like they want to have sex, and I believe it.

Especially Lex. You just know he’d be all over Clark given any hint of Clark’s wanting it.

I think some of it comes from Michael Rosenbaum’s ability to have chemistry with a concrete block if necessary.

A good talent to have when acting opposite Tom Welling, who has all the acting ability of a plank. I grant he’s a pretty man, but he greets everything with the same wide-eyed, bewildered gaze.

I’m not really a Smallville slasher, though I’ve dabbled in reading some. But I honestly don’t know how you can be confused by those who do read it that way, especially season one. All that fondling of water bottles and pool cues, long looks, talk of their friendship being legendary.

I think that I remember a quote from the producers from season one or two that implied that they were deliberately playing up the subtext in order to mess with the fans, like with Xena. Apparently my google-fu is weak because I can’t find it now.