SNL: 3/5/11 (Miley Cyrus and the Strokes)

No thread yet. I wasn’t expecting much from Miley Cyrus, but she was actually pretty good. I liked her Bieber, which was weirdly accurate, and I hope she’s 18, because she was insanely hot in a couple of those sketches.

I liked the cruise ship sketch (“You people are gross to me”). It didn’t seem to get much response from the live audience, but I thought it was funny.

The Charlie Sheen sketch, while well done, was almsot redundant. It was a case of a kind of comedy Poe’s Law (let’s call it “Sheen’s law”). You can’t parody something that’s already parody.

I also liked the bit with Jason Sudeikis talking about the Phelps.’ (“Then I’m gonna rip off the God suit and say, ‘you got DAMNED!’”).

Fairly decent episode for once.

I too was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t very encouraged watching Miley Cyrus’ monologue, which she just hurriedly read through, but she turned out to be pretty good in the sketches.

I really liked the French Cafe song and dance number. I haven’t seen anything this nutty and “out there” on SNL in a while.

The skin cream/CD ad also made me laugh, but I’m not sure why.

I thought The Strokes were good too, but they had the lead singers mic mixed too low.

Forgot to record it, but there’s always On Demand.

I saw MS for the first time a few weeks ago. Until then, all I knew about her was what I had seen on SNL, and was surprised at how well the woman does her slightly nasally voice and mannerism. Are they done w/ Julian Assange now? Those sketches were just great, but I can see where it’s time to move on.

Really like The Strokes, but I never have much hope for performances on SNL.

She turned 18 in November, I am sorry I know this (little girl cousins).

I haven’t seen it yet. Did they make any jokes about her salvia video?

That piece of knowledge now clutters up your brain and will probably prevent you from having enough brain power left over to cure cancer. Damn you!!

So I guess that’s pretty cool.


Yeah, good episode. I was quite impressed by Cyrus’ acting chops.

The show definitely turns on how good the host is. I found a CD at the library of the end of the first season. Madeline Kahn, who can sing, act, and do comedy, was fantastic. Dyan Cannon, who can do none of those, was awful. Those Disney teen stars may not be culturally cool but they get tons of experience at a young age. She was good, but they also wisely chose mostly unchallenging roles - Fergie, Justin Bieber, the silent French sketch.

The French number was good. It was also absolutely identical to the French number they did earlier in the season. That’s another thing I noticed. The first few years brought back familiar characters but they almost always put them into different situations. The Bees, Belushi’s Samurai. Today the repeated sketches are identical. Same situations, same jokes, almost the same lines.

I liked the Strokes. The mixing might have be up to SNL’s usual competence, but the songs were still good.

She’s no Timberlake but she wasn’t bad.

I forgot to add that over the season they’ve been cutting back on Kristen Wiig and beefing up the roles of the other females. And they’ve cut out about 99% of her idiot roles. That alone probably accounts for most of the improvement we’ve seen in the last few episodes. (Did you notice how old and haggard she appeared in the skin care skit standing next to Miley? She’s only 37, but looks 50.)

When I was watching the skin care skit I kept thinking how old Cyrus looked. I realize that there was some very soft focus going on to (I’m guessing) replicate a specific type of infomercial and she was no doubt made up to appear older. Convincing, I thought.

Odd. What I kept noticing was how smooth and unlined her skin was. Wiig has crow’s feet, bags under her eyes, and general haggardness. Cyrus had none of that. She practically glowed. The hair was an old-fashioned and older style, but the skin was a teenager’s.

Just a side question. She has hair past her waist. How hard is it to hide that much hair underneath a wig?

They’ve done “Les Jeunes de Paris” three times now, at least, and as noted, it’s always the exact same sketch, with minor variations. (What’s on the painting, what drink gets thrown in philandering jeune homme’s face, etc.) It actually works, which is surprising given how long it is.

Really kind of hard, which is why in the Beiber sketch, they just turned the back of her hair under in a weird, bulky kind of way.

thought Miley was kinda hot as Justin Beiber. Does that make me gay or something?

It’s that glowing face, dude. I think she’s an alien.

And to really twist your mind, consider: Justin Bieber from SNL 3/5/11 is going to play Sebastian Hastings from She’s The Man.