So....Asian girls bleach their nipples?

So is this treatment permanent or do you need to keep applying the cream indefinitely?

Really? Because my nipples are pink and I’m old and… well, let’s just say ‘not a virgin.’

The nipple bleaching thing is weird, definately. But the asshole-bleaching thing is Just F-ing Weird.

You know, I like non-pink nipples. Brown nipples are sexy. Pretty much any nipple color that I’ve seen is sexy. (I also like pink nipples).

mmmm… nipples…

Great… another way for the billions of beautiful women in Asia to look like dumb valley girl clones. :rolleyes:

In this August 2004 article, they show a bottle of this alleged nipple bleaching cream called “Liberty Virgin Pink Special”

based on my 20+ years in north asia…well, IF it happens Japan would be the place. just checked with a single japanese american colleague in tokyo. has not encountered this phenomenon but will get on the case. he did report darker nipples implies sleeping around.

You’ve been in this world how long, and you’re still shocked by something like this? :slight_smile:

I know, Rigamarole! I saw a thing on TV about it (the anal bleaching) – I don’t remember the show or channel – and I was just in shock. “Hey! What’s that woman having done to her ass? She’s bleaching her asshole!?! Damn!”

After 45 years, I know the world’s a weird place, full of damned weird people… The details still have the ability to shock me, though!

nipples and clits, nipples and clits, I’m gonna get me some nipples and clits!
*(uh… surely some of you remember that jingle from Kibbles 'n Bits ad from years ago?)

I’m a girl. :slight_smile:

So that’s what causes it!

How exaclty does this correlate, I wonder?

Geez. You know, if I actually ever manage to get it on with a hot asian chick (crossing fingers her), only to discover that she’d managed to ruin a perfectly nice set of nipples by freaking *bleaching *them, I think I would be turned off rather prontissimo.

Then again. I feel the same way about any those bizarre silicone implants that some chicks put in to ruin their perfectly good boobs. Perhaps I’m just out of touch with the world.

Nipples darken after a pregnancy. (I can’t believe I’m posting to this thread…)

If you take them out a lot, you get a tan?

Oh, I see…never had kids. But you can get pregnant after only having had sex once. So it doesn’t really correlate to sleeping around. But then, I’m expecting sense from these kinds of people.

And I just noticed this is in GQ. I honestly didn’t notice it before. Question’s been answered, and I’ll stop needlessly hijacking it for my shock and surprise.

It’s the hygienic thing to do, after you let weasels suck on it.

Not that I’m an expert by any means :eek: … but I understood that anal bleaching was something that originated with porn.

Makes sense. God knows I’ve seen plenty of porno pics where the girl could really use some anal bleaching. [Insert barfy smile here]