So I'll take it to the Pit... (re: Miss Kaitlyn's first day)

(I’ll get a link to the thread as soon as I finish.)

Clothahump, that was a really rude, inconsiderate, and generally horrible thing to say to Kaitlyn. Try to imagine–just for one minute–what she must have gone through to become a woman–imagine what she’s gone through and what she’ll still have to face.

She is a woman, and she has fought very hard to become one. Please don’t belittle her like that–especially not in her own thread.

Found it: Link to original thread

Thanks, Kytheria - if you hadn’t, I woulda.

Clothahump’s comment was really out of line in terms of civil behavior, plain and simple, but I must ask: what the FUCK do you care about her DNA? Do you walk up to people and say, “Before I can accept your self-identity, I need a sample of your DNA so that I can determine your gender according to MY standards”?

Clothahump that’s a nasty thing to do. Makes you look like a prick.

How the fuck do you know how she feels? If she feels it it’s good enough for me.

She was happy and you just felt the need to shit on her happy thread.

You should be ashamed.

Oh and BTW. Before you come in here and argue that you are factually correct due to chromosomes etc. just remember that that’s not why you’re being pitted.

You’re being pitted coz you’re an unfeeling inconsiderate twat.

Eh, none of us can imagine somebody having such an empty and embittered existence that they’d need to just piss on anyone else’s happiness, and that’s a good thing.

He’s got identify issues of his own. In his mind he’s probably not an enormous flatulating asshole, but he really, really is.

Hi, Kythereia.

I’m with you and all the others on the fact that Clothahump is mistaken.

I will add to the weight of the protest against his/her statement by mentioning that my opinion is based on having been good friends for 20 years with a transsexual woman. As she has not attempted to reproduce, the XX vs. XY thing is irrelevent…and everything else about her is female. Trust me. :wink:

[tangential comment]Kythereia, one of things I find entertaining about you is your passion. As the years pass, one tends to choose which battles to fight and which to ignore but your happy insistence on charging into all battles–and, most importantly, on the side I would choose if I had the inclination–is most charming.

To both you and Kaitlyn: You go, girl!
[/tangential comment]

That…is a visual I truly did not need so soon after lunch.

You’re a sick, miserable piece of shit, Clothahump.

Geez, go on and make a girl blush, why don’t you? :o :wink:

I forgot to add: I hope your SO has a strong heart; he’ll need it.


Don’t have one, still looking around… :smiley:

It was an insensetive comment, but it wasn’t that bad surely!

Isn’t it a bit like an Atheist saying “I’m sorry, but there is no God”

Unfortunately,—as I myself learned again last week—there will always be people who think we are nothing but delusional drag queens. Fine, that’s their opinion, despite medical studies to the contrary. And every so often, one of them will feel it his duty to flaunt his assholiness in our face.

Kaitlyn, hon, it really doesn’t happen that often, but it is one of the things you’ll have to get used to.

You probably scare them off as males of your age are rarely self-secure to the extent needed to deal with your enthusiasm.

You make me wish I were 30-some years younger and my wife a bit more open-minded. As I’m not and she isn’t, the most I can offer is dinner and an evening’s conversation with my wife and I if you ever find yourself in the Chicago area. I’d introduce you to my unmarried son…but, yikes!, he’s too old for you.

Now, please, back to the pitting of whats’is’name.

“The mods are trying to censor unpopular opinions!”

“I’m just speaking the truth!”

“Homosexual agenda!”

“I thought you guys were supposed to be tolerant of other viewpoints!”

There, now we’ve gotten those out of the way, so we can avoid a five-page trainwreck. Right? Right?

Tragically, that one post is not the whole of his posting history.

With any luck at all, it’ll be the end of it, though.

Yes, but it’s like he said it in a thread about how everyone at someone’s church is so nice.

OP: My church donated clothes so my kids wouldn’t go cold when they turned off our heat because I can’t afford gas prices…

CH: You know, there is no God.

It’s all about context.

I understand.

BTW I support Kaitlin in this.

Not really – he was attacking Kaitlyn’s identity, not her opinions/beliefs. It’s a much more personal attack. I think a better analogy would be going into a thread where a poster was celebrating losing weight and feeling better about themselves only to post “no, I’ve seen your picture and you’re still fat and ugly. Don’t try to pretend otherwise.”

Factual correctness or incorrectness has nothing to do with it (even though Clothahump was wrong about everything except what chromosomes Kaitlyn has) – it’s about having a shred of empathy and human decency. He’s a dick.