So, should I go through with it?

There’s this fundraiser our Student Council is doing. It’s called a Data Match and it’s similar to a dating match service. Participants answer questions about themselves and then turn it back in to the council. They mail it to some company and they mail them back with the results. For $2 one can get the results of compatible people in their own grade; for $3 one can get the results of people in another grade also.

This sounds corny but fun, and I’d like to participate since it’s for a good cause. Besides, I have this “What the hell, I’m a senior and won’t be here much longer anyway” attitude. Trouble is, I have a steady boyfriend. I wasn’t planning on telling him about it since I was just signing up for fun. My only problem in mind is, what if it turns out I’m matched with someone who is actually taking it seriously and is single? Then I’d be in a pickle. What do you guys think? I’d have to turn in the sheet tomorrow (the 14th), so I need some opinions soon. Thanks! :^)

Sure, why not? We did this for a fundraiser at my high school, and no one took it seriously – it was just a more interesting way to raise money than selling magazine subscriptions. If you’re matched up with someone who is single and taking this seriously, chances are he’s matched up with someone else, too, so it won’t be like you’re his only chance for school romance. (When we did it, the company guaranteed something like five matches a person. Don’t ask me how.) I’m sure he won’t be expecting you to fall madly in love with him based on some random survey. Have fun! :slight_smile:

We had something like that back in my high school.

I was 48 percent compatible with the highest person on my list. Better luck to you:)