So that's what a great date is like! (and now, what's my next move?)

Hey guys, you may remember from such threads as Is this a “date”? What do I do? OH GOD SO CONFUSED

Well in retrospect, that first date in the linked thread blew ass compared to the one I had tonight, with a totally new gal. It was, in short, awesome. I actually met her threw a coworker a couple weeks ago, and then asked if she wanted to meet together for a game of Pool. She did, and tonight was the night.

It was fun – apparently for both of us. The conversation was two-way (and not just me asking questions, like say during my previous outing), she laughed at my dumb jokes, and she made some hilarious ones herself. After letting her win at pool (not really, I sucked), we went for some coffee (her idea) and talked for an hour. Good times.

So things are looking up for ol’ Red Barchetta. Now here’s my one concern (yeah, there just had to be one right?): Could this have just been a ‘friend’ thing? I, of course, hope not, and would like to steer it from going that way, if possible (though that wouldn’t be terrible…okay, yes it would). The reason I have my doubts is that she seems to have several other male friends and I’m also not sure if I picked up on any romantic cues (though I don’t really know what those might be – remember, this is my second date :wink:

So where to from here? How long should I wait before asking her out again; is this upcoming weekend too soon, for instance? And what can I do to make sure this doesn’t veer into friend territory, if it hasn’t already?

and yeah, I’m probably over-thinking things too much again, but whatever…

Overt Rush references and you landed a girl? You sound like your pimp skills need no shine.

Stay proud of yo’ self!

Hie thee to the phone and tell her what a good time you had! Ask if she if free next Saturday. Suggest something physical and slightly whimsical like playing Frisbee or swinging on swings in the park, added benefit to this one is you get to push her. Then take her out for ice cream. Speaking as a female I find this kind of thing a charming second date.

I second Reepicheep. Call her ASAP, tell her what a good time you had, and set up another date. If she thinks it’s “too soon” then she’s either doing the “friend” thing or she’s got some other game she’s playing, which you don’t want to play anyway.

I third reepicheep. Don’t fall for that sterotypical “make 'em wait 3 days” BS or whatever. Most people don’t appreciate playing games, so just call up and say you had a good time, “would you like to whatever on Saturday?”

also, if she’s got plans already, don’t let it get you down. Starting out in a (potential) new relationship, she may not have you up that high in the priority list. It can take a little while, effort and chemistry before she starts cancelling her other friends to be with you.

Well, these all sound like great ideas so far, thanks! I think the frisbee idea sounds pretty good as well, too bad I’d be the one throwing like a girl :wink:

Well, you threw a coworker, you can’t be all that bad!

I agree with all those saying call her, say you had a great time, and ask her for a second, no kidding date - dinner and a movie is usually understood to be a date. “I like you and I’d like to see you again” should be the message she gets from you calling her. I’d stay away from a day in the park kind of date, because that might keep you in the friend zone. You can do that later when you’re sure you’re actually a couple.

Good thing I’m a hardcore procrastinator, otherwise I may not have seen this bit of advice in this. This actually makes perfect sense (and is what I was leaning toward originally), and will likely be my course of action. Thanks for the advice!

I still like the park idea though, but I’ll save that for later (well, if there’s a later!).

Damnit, missed the edit window by a few hours. What I meant to say was: *“Good thing I’m a hardcore procrastinator, otherwise I may not have seen this bit of advice before calling)” *