So what does THIS mean?

I know I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I can normally figure things out if they’re not too difficult. I was reading the following description of a pair of jeans and I do not understand what the portion in quotation marks (mine) means. Can anyone help???

Stand tall and sexy in these tough bootcut jeans. These slim-fitting jeans feature a tilted waist, that sits low on the hips, and has the “iconic anti-fit in the seat.” Three pockets in front, including coin pocket, plus two in back for plenty of storage. And the bootcut leg that starts low on the calf, making legs appear longer and slimmer. Button with zipper closure. Cotton/polyester. Washable. Imported.

They’re styled with their iconic Anti-fit designed seat which gives the
illusion of seat if you don’t have one, and enhances it if you do.

That means you can wash them. And they were made in another country, then shipped here.

iconic: a hallmark of Levi
Anti-fit seat: “On the new cut the waist is lower and more dipped at the front, the back pockets move down slightly, the fly opening is shortened and the leg is cut straight.”

bootcut leg that starts low on the calf.

That means they ain’t good for goin’ over dem calf high cowboy boots.

It means the seat isn’t shaped. If you look at women’s jeans, the seat’s shaped to curve around your backside. These are cut flat so you get that “no ass” effect that you see on skinny, rocker guys. Mmmmmm, skinny rocker guys with no ass…

Tilted waist means a little lower in the front than in the back, and probably too low in both places. That way, you can show your navel chain and a little pubic hair, but not toooooooo much buttcrack. Only you know how much is toooooo much.