So which Queer Eye Guy would you want to spend a day with, and why?

I think shopping for a day with Carson would be a blast. He’s the sort of fella that I think would tell you if your butt looked like a dump-truck in something, but would be equally flattering if an item or outfit warranted it. Also, he really seems to know what’s hot RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND!!!. While I don’t like to be a slave to trends, it would be fun to try a few little ideas. (Who know that bare-feet, ala Miami Vice were the thing?!?!)

A close second would be Ted because I really like to cook, and that man seems to know how to make EVERYTHING. I mean, I’m really not sure how to choose good oysters and mussles (:eek:) - who wants to be he could tell me? (Seriously, I have no idea - I know they have to be closed, but I don’t know if you smell them, or shake them or what.)

So - who’s your fav Queer Eye Guy?

Ted is the only one I can stand, because he’s neither a raging queen, nor a general jerk.

I’d love to punch out Carson, because he’s an attention hog.

I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, and I can’t remember everyone’s names. Carson’s the bitchy blond guy who does the clothes, right? Don’t think I could spend fifteen minutes with him without slapping him just on general principle.

The guy who does the food and wine–Ted?–seems really cool. I could spend a day shopping and cooking with him, easy.

My favorite, though, is the little guy with the light brown hair. Jay, I think his name is. I’ve yet to figure out what exactly it is he does, but he exudes a certain earnestness that the others seem to lack. Besides, he’s really cute.

We have only had the program here for 3 weeks. So far my pick is Carson, he’s a dag. Of course he may grow irritating after a while.

Ted, if he’ll cook for me or go grocery shopping. :smiley:

I’d have to go with Ted, just because he’s obviously very personable, but he also seems to be very smart beyond his chosen milieu of food and drink. I think of the lot, he could probably carry on the most diverse and interesting conversation. Of course, that could be an illusion based on nothing more than the fact that he wears glasses and his vocabulary seems to be more Wall Street Journal than Spin.

After Ted, I’d choose Kyan, because if nothing else, we could spend a whole day shopping for lotions and body sprays and bath oils and all of those lovely luscious things that make a body feel good, which are a secret passion of mine. Perhaps he could also tell me what to do about the zit which has resided on the side of my nose for the last two weeks. :smiley:

Yeah, I’d have to go with Ted, too, if it was a whole day. I like that dry humor, and I love to cook, and I think he’d be fun to hang out with.

And second, Kyan, just because he’s so durn cute - I doubt I would appeal to him, but he doesn’t get a vote.

I actually met Carson in person last week, and he is a hoot. He is just as he appears on the show: witty and uninhibited. I only spent a couple of minutes talking with him, but he seems like someone cool to hang with. As long as you don’t wear pleated pants, you should be fine. :wink:

Oh… Flashback! … to the SNL’s “The Raging Queen” skit with Michael Palin and John Belushi.

Jai! I would hug him and squeeze him and call him George!
He is just so damned adorable! (Note, have only seen 3 eps here).

If I were to get “done” (ooer!) by one of them I would probably choose Carson as I have no taste in anything, especially clothes.

While I love all the guys, I have to think Carson would bug me after a while.

Kyan makes me happy with all the good-lookin-good-smellin stuff he has, but I have noe room for more stuff (nor the money to support the habit once he left).

Jai is adorable, but I’m not sure what we’d do together.

Ted can come cook for me anytime, baby, but he does do some wierd food (kosher foie gras? they make kosher foie gras?)

So that leaves me with Thom, the quiet, really funny one. We’d go furniture shopping, choose paint colors and at the end of the day, I’d have a great room (or 2) that’ll last longer than trendy clothes or yummy smelling stuff or a meal or whatever I’d do with Jai.

Wow, on second thought, I’ve put way too much thought into this!

Jai is such a cutie and he cracks me up. But as I live in the sticks, I’m afraid he could never succeed in making me “cultured”.

Ted seems so darn sincere about cooking that I have to like him. I’d love to see what he could do around here with our single chain grocery store.

Thom is kind of blah…but I would certainly get the most out of a house makeover. He might even be able to save the room with the orange shag carpet.

About the above: am I the only one who thinks that, SURE, it’s easy to make over these straight guys in NYC, but I’d love to see them try in a small rural town? [Of course, I’m lobbying for Mr.Valley as the first example :stuck_out_tongue: …]

Though he’s by far the least interesting of the bunch, if we’re talking about spending a day like they do on the show, I’d have to go with Thom. I really like his interior design, and I think he could do great things for my place.

If we’re just hanging out, I’d go with Ted, since I’m also a kitchen nerd, and anyone who wears an apron with the CBGBs logo on it has to be cool. (Plus, he could tell me where he got it. I’ve looked, to no avail.)

Dr. J

Thom, Thom, Thom. He strikes me as a nice person. And plus is it me, or is he a total babe?

If not Thom, then Ted. Another nice person, I think. Ted strikes me as the kinda guy that would make a good movie buddy.

Carson is a whiny little bitch; I can’t stand him. He has the depth of a puddle after a rain shower. He’s too “surface” – what you see is what you get, and there ain’t nothin’ that I see that impresses me.

I adore Thom for his taste, creativity and subtle wit, and actually find Ted to be the dullest of the group. I can see why Carson might rub some people the wrong way, but bitchy queens (and queeny bitches) are great fun to have around, IMO.

For totally superficial reasons… Thom… :wink: :smiley:

Though on a cultural, intellectual level, it would be Ted.

Not just you, Snoops, Thom is a total dreamboat. I saw the pics from the next Vanity Fair, and well, oh my…


So, yeah. I’d pick Thom:D

You guys are so nasty to Carson!!! I think he’s a sweety - and even when the guy is a huge, hairy lug, Carson manages to get him all duded out so he looks hot. Additionally, I don’t think he’s bitchy about it - he always has something nice and positive to say about every “client” looks wise - nice arms, big chest, tight booty, etc, etc, and I think he’s sincere.

He seems to take each person and find a really positive thing about their appearance and compliment them on it. Given that these guys are in for total overhalls, I think Carson could be way more bitchy.

Anyhoo - Carson is still my fave.

I’m not sure what I would do with Kyan. I kinda like to groom, but I think I mostly have it down pat. I spose we could go to my Spa together - that would be cool.

I love Carson. He reminds me of some fabulously funny friends I have. It’s a no-brainer for me. Carson all the way.

Yeah that’s why I like Carson. He manages to say something “bitchy” then add a nice comment straight away and he’s hilarious!

My fave Carson moment was when he asked the guy where he had bought some shirt. The guy said Walmart and Carson said “Don’t you use that language with me” He’s a dag that queer :slight_smile: