So why'd we close the Imus lawsuit thread again?

I’m not sure what Li’l Pluck wrote, and I’m not entirely sure I care, but it was seemingly important enough to put in a second time.

Personally, I think it’s too little too late. Sure Imus was and is a shitheel, but he didn’t name the player specifically, he didn’t say XYZ is a nappy headed ho, he mentioned that about the entire team, was raked too far over the coals for it (see, overt racism is only bad if you’re a white person and talking about black people, but I digress) and what’s done is done.

Coming in at the 11th hour saying I WAS HURT BY HIS COMMENTS!!! is crybaby bullshit, and far too representative of the hyper-litigious society in which we unfortunately reside.

Now about the thread, did the OP ask it to be closed? Why is there nothing IN the thread? What’s the deal mods?

It was just one of those weird posting bug this board experiences occasionally where the original post disappears.

DISREGARD. If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million. Preview. MODS? Close’r up please? Gracias.

There’s a lot of duplicate, empty threads that were started and closed in various forums today while the board was operating absolutely perfectly for everybody except for those for who it was totally fucked.

There’s a third one open. It looks like the board’s been hiccuping again - there’s a couple of nearly identical blank threads in MPSIMS, too.

Li’l Puck even explains it in the OP.

Got it, Duke thanks. Wasn’t here earlier.

I don’t understand why TPTB don’t simply disappear such threads. They have no problem doing so when a sock starts one.

Sure thing.